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The Confusion at Christmas (video by John MacArthur) 

John MacArthur answers the question: "How do God’s people keep His Son at the center of their Christmas celebrations? And how do we avoid the worldly temptations and influences that ramp up at this time of the year?" 

He Lay in the Manger Without Leaving Heaven (Gavin Ortlund) 

The miracle we celebrate each year at Christmas (the incarnation, when the Son of God became a man) raises a question about this theology. Was he still omnipresent in, say, the year AD 10, while walking around Nazareth as a boy? Or what about while he was a baby — can we really imagine that, at the same time, he filled the entire universe, governing every quark and star?  

How to Annoy Unbelievers Less This Christmas (Clint Archer) 

Are you expecting to celebrate Christmas with unbelievers? How do you respond in that situation? Paul said to expect unbelievers to behave like unbelievers. Here's some biblical insight.