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Blank Slate: Forgive us our Debts as We Forgive (Clint Archer) 

Ask forgiveness daily, and grant forgiveness lavishly, and pray with a clear conscience: Forgive us our sins for we forgive those who are indebted to us. This will help you enjoy the blessing of a clean slate.


6 Cracks in a Secular Worldview (Rebecca McLaughlin) 

When our friends hear the claims of Jesus, they wonder why we’d believe such fantastical things when there is a perfectly rational, coherent view of the world available to us. But if we look at the secular ground on which we supposedly all stand, we’ll realize it’s more like pack ice floating away from land. And there are cracks in the ice. Here are six of them. 


4 Reason Contract Surrogacy Should Not Be Legal in Washington State (Joseph Blackholm)

A short video of Family Policy Institute President, Joseph Backholm, talking about 4 Reasons Contract Surrogacy should not be legal In Washington state.