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Another Shooting, This Time in a Church: How Should We Respond? (Ed Stetzer) 

Someday, Jesus will to return and finish the job of restoring and remaking this earth. Until then, we do live in a world with real pain and problems caused by human brokenness. Yet, God offers us hope for a day when earthly storms and suffering will be no more. This, my friends, is the gospel of hope that our world desperately needs to hear.


Tragedy in Texas: Christian Testimony in the Face of Evil (Al Mohler) 

This particular attack in Texas highlights the fact that Christians are not immune from this kind of heartbreak. We cannot understand exactly what that congregation in that community is experiencing, but we do understand heartbreak, and we know that heartbreak is at the very center of their experience at this moment.


Why Church Shootings Don’t Intimidate the Church (Russell Moore) 

The days ahead will be awful for the grieving community of Sutherland Springs. But one thing is certain: Come Sunday, they will be gathered again, singing and praying and opening the Word. 


two sides of the counseling coin (heath lambert)

One coin, two sides, two distinctions: historical and dispositional. These are fine distinctions, but both are needed to make the whole.