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Climate Change According to Scripture (Master’s University Science Faculty)

Since global climate change is not a new phenomenon and has happened in the past, it is important for Christians to consider earth’s history from a biblical perspective. 

9 Things You Should Know about the Nation of Islam (Joe Carter)

It might not be what you think. Here is what you should know about the controversial religious group known as the Nation of Islam. 

FAQs: What Christians Should Know About Antifa (Joe Carter)

Early in September, violence broke out among protestors at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Park in Berkeley, California. The “anti-fascist” protesters—known as Antifa—attacked several people, including a Samoan man and a biracial man who is half-Japanese. Here is what you should know about Antifa...


When peopLE annoy YOU (lAUREN lAMBERT)

When someone annoys me, who needs to change? Clue #1, it's not the other person! Read what Lauren Lambert has to say about what change is needed and what our focus should be.