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I Don’t Understand Christians Watching Game of Thrones (Kevin DeYoung) 

For conservative Christians who care about marriage and immorality and decency in so many other areas, it is baffling that Game of Thrones gets a free pass. What do you think?

Three Ways to Help Your Worship Leader (Matthew Westerholm)

Do you encourage your worship leader? The greatest joy of a worship leader is when people see more of Christ, when people’s burdens are lifted by Christ, when their hope and joy in Christ begins to rise.

Progress? The Horrifying Science of Child Sacrifice (John Knight)

As Christians, we must recognize and stand against the strong abusing vulnerable members, no matter the rationale for such actions. Learn more.


Shame says, "I am bad," and it feels like it's welded to me. But in Christ, I am set free. How does this freedom happen? What can the Church do to help those in bondage to shame?