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White Supremacy Angers Jesus, But Does it Anger the Church? (Russell Moore) 

The church should call white supremacy what it is: terrorism, but more than terrorism. White supremacy is Satanism. Even worse, white supremacy is a devil-worship that often pretends that it is speaking for God.

The Lessons of History and the Heresy of Racial Superiority (Al Mohler)

You cannot preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and hold to any notion of racial superiority. It is impossible.  

The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About the Alt-Right (Joe Carter)

“Christians ought to reject racism, and do what they can to expose it and bring the gospel to bear upon it,” Kevin DeYoung says, “not because we love pats on the back for our moral outrage or are desperate for restored moral authority, but because we love God and submit ourselves to the authority of his Word.”