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Blessings of Giving (Jordan Strandridge)

Commercials tell us all the time how to use our money. Yet we sometimes shy away from talking about tithing. Here are four incredible blessings of giving.

 5 Fake News Stories People Believe About Early Christianity (Michael Kruger)

We hear a lot about fake news this days. But fake news is not a new phenomenon. There’s quite a bit of fake news out there regarding the person of Jesus, the origins of the church, and the development of the Bible. Even though such “news” has no factual basis, it’s believed by an uncomfortably large number of people.

 7 Reasons God Commands Us to Sing to Him (Mark Altrogge) 

Have you thought about why He commands us to sing? He doesn't need anything from us. Is it for our benefit?


When Children Say "I'm Bored" (Julie Lowe - CCEF)

The fundamental struggles underlying the lament of "I'm bored." How to help kids grow when all they want is to be entertained.