2017-2018 Budget

Dear Church Family,

Jesus said, “I will build My church” and He has chosen you and me to participate in this great building project together. One of the ways we get to participate is through our financial support of the mission and ministry of the church. Our staff and financial team work hard to present a budget that reflects our faith and plans to “make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ”, so we are pleased to present to you our 2017-2018 Ministry Budget. Please read through this brochure and review the various details of our plans and financial projections for the coming year. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Nelson (Business Administrator) at lindan@ccfw.org or Mac Hoover (Chairman of the Elders) at mac_hoover@msn.com.

Our budget priorities are designed to support six ministry resources and objectives:

Our Staff Leadership Team:  21 (9 full-time, 12 part-time) who equip and shepherd the growing army of willing and faithful ministry servants.

Our Life Group Ministry:  Connecting people in community is key in helping people learn how to become better disciples and together reach out to our community with compassionate ministry and the gospel message.

Reaching the next generation:  Investing in our children, students and young adults is vital as we seek to reach and equip the next generation of difference-makers.

Leadership Development:  Passing the baton of influence is vital as we mentor and train more gospel-driven servants to help carry out our mission and ministry opportunities.

Local and Global Outreach:  Our mission field is filled with people who need God’s saving grace, so we want to help spread the gospel locally, nationally and around the world through outreach efforts and through 22 missionaries and ministry partnerships we support.

Building Expansion:  Setting aside some funds for future campus development to facilitate the needs and vision of our ministry.

Your faithful and generous financial support of our General Fund is appreciated as it provides for every aspect of our operating and ministry expenditures.  These include personnel, missions, ministry programming, aid and assistance, the maintenance and care of our buildings and grounds.

Any additional offerings will be communicated to our church family as above and beyond our budgeted General Fund needs (e.g. Building Fund, Montana Student Mission, Christmas Missions, additional Aid & Assistance).

We count it a great joy and pleasure to serve with you and invite you to partner with us for another year of leveraging our time, spiritual gifts and financial support together for the sake of the gospel and the fame of God’s glory.

Pastor Jeff Moorehead & Chairman Mac Hoover

budget breakdown

Administration & Operations


    Salaries (20 employees)  $737,930
    Payroll Taxes  $40,543
    Retirement  $47,476
    Health Insurance  $176,187
    Misc. Administration  $36,765

Office  $40,818
Facilities $153,370
Replacement & Maintenance Fund  $100,200
Building Fund  $57,228

Total Administration & Operations  $1,390,517


Local Area Outreach $15,454
Global Outreach (Missions) $157,930

Total Outreach $173,384

Worship Ministries:

Music & Worship  $27,595
Media (Audio-Visual)  $14,220

Total Worship $41,815

Children’s Ministries (Nursery, Preschool, Elementary, & Outreach events) $23,796

Kids Town Camp (VBS)  $9,845
Awana  $3,810

Total Children’s Ministries $37,451

Student Ministries:

Middle School  $8,000
Senior High  $13,550

Total Student Ministries $21,550

Adult Ministries/Small Groups:

Life Groups & Life Dev. Classes $15,005
Body Life  $15,328
Men’s Ministries  $4,525
Pastoral Care  $8,615
Women’s Ministries  $11,810

Total Adult Ministries  $55,283

Total Proposed Budget  $1,720,000



budget committee

Jeff Moorehead, Lead Pastor

Mac Hoover, Elder Chairman

Linda Nelson, Business Administrator

Financial Responsibility Committee Members:

Keith Gorder, Stephanie Heritage, 
David Kim and Larry Nelson

Budget Process

May 28th & June 4th: Budget brochures are available at the Info Center.  Please take this opportunity to review our ministry plans for the new year.

June 11th:   Congregational vote by members.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the budget, please contact Linda Nelson at 253-941-2711.