Dear Christ’s Church Family,

It doesn’t get any better than this: “I will build My church and the gates of Hades will not overpower it” (Matthew 16:18). These audacious words by Jesus Christ should rock our world. They are:

Hope-filled.  Inspiring. Captivating.

God graciously put us on His winning team to use our time, giftedness, money and energy that He provided to be active participants in His special building program. There is no greater privilege and no greater responsibility.

As we consider our next fiscal year beginning July 1st, we want to share our
2019-2020 Ministry Budget that is designed to resource our God-given mission
of “making more and better disciples of Jesus Christ”.

Please read through this brochure which provides an overview of our plans and financial projections for the coming year. If you have any questions, please contact the church office and speak with Mac Hoover (Business Administrator) or Tom Lathrop (Chairman of the Elders). Our budget priorities are designed to support eight ministry resources and objectives:

Life Groups: Connecting our church family into gospel-centered caring communities who are developing disciples and disciple-makers.

Reaching the Next Generation: Investing in our children, students,
and young adults by reaching, training and deploying them as future
difference-makers for Christ.

Outreach: Learning to be gospel witnesses in our community and
supporting our local, national and global missionary partners.

Discipleship: Growing our men, women, married couples and families in their
walk with Christ.

Leadership Development: Mentoring and training gospel-driven influencers to
honor God in their homes, the church and life.

Building Expansion: Save to redevelop our campus to better facilitate the future needs and vision of our ministry together.

Church Planting: Setting funds aside to help birth a new church or restart an existing church in the near future.

Ministry Staff: Your giving supports a staff of 21 (9 full-time; 12 part-time) who pray, serve, lead, equip and shepherd our ministry teams and church family.

Our mission requires that we steward God’s resources wisely and we greatly appreciate your faithful and generous support.  As you give, the General Fund provides for every aspect of our operating and ministry needs (personnel, missions, ministry programming, aid and assistance, campus maintenance, future building expansion, church planting). Additional offerings will be communicated as opportunities to give above and beyond normal ministry funding (e.g., Student Fusion Mission; Christmas giving; etc.).

We look forward to what the Lord will do this next year and appreciate your investment with us for the sake of the gospel and for the fame of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Jeff Moorehead & Chairman Tom Lathrop