Important Update - 17-B14 against "Limited Services Pregnancy Centers"  |  Family Policy Institute’s appeal (Please help us by submitting the Family Policy Institute's appeal)

July 14, 2017

Dear Care Net of Puget Sound Friends and Church Families,

Thank you for all your prayers!  Your overwhelming support has been truly a drink of cool water during these important times!

Along with prayer, would you help us?  We are in need of communications for the support of Pregnancy Centers sent to the members of the King County Board of Health. It is vital these individuals hear from you!  The shear impact of the voices from concerned citizens may cause them to reconsider passage of this heinous ruling. This ruling will eventually close the doors of pregnancy centers as that is the ultimate goal of NARAL Pro Choice Washington, Planned Parenthood Votes, and Legal Voice.

The members of the King County Board of Health with their phone numbers and emails are listed below.  If you are not aware of your district, please visit this link.  The more these members hear from their constituents, the better.  If you live outside of the King County area, please write and call them as well!  It is likely that other counties will begin these same proceedings if this passes in King County 

King County Councilmembers

  • District 1:  Rod Dembowski, Chair                            206-477-1001  Cities of Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Seattle (N), Shoreline, Woodinville
  • District 3:  Kathy Lambert, Vice                                206-477-1003  Cities of Issaquah, Unincorporated King County (some), Redmond, Sammamish 
  • District 8:  Joe McDermott                                        206-477-1008  Cities of Burien, Unincorporated King County (some), Seatac, So. Seattle, Tukwila
  • District 4:  Jeanne Kohl-Wells, Alt.                            206-477-1004

City of Seattle  |  Councilmembers

Sound Cities Association Members:

Health Professionals:


Some talking points you might choose to use in your correspondence:

  • Pregnancy centers are available to support women who have chosen to continue their pregnancies.
  • Services provided are available through private funding supplied by individuals, businesses and area churches.  There is no cost to the woman in need.  No government funding involved.
  • Clients are immediately notified of what services we do and do not offer
  • There is no delay in access to medical care.  Immediate referrals are provided to medical providers and maternity case management forongoing care and support throughout the pregnancy and delivery
  • Support services continue providing pre-natal education, childbirth education, and ongoing parenting support through evidenced based curriculum and maternity and baby supplies.
  • If pregnancy centers are eliminated, women will not have the help they need to continue their pregnancies thus eliminating their choice in how they wish to approach their pregnancy decision.

As mentioned before, we are hopeful. Our hope is in our Lord, Jesus Christ. We have faced similar attempts in the State Capital a few years ago and the Lord prevailed and showed Himself through His people who came along side in support.  We needed you then and we need you now!

Please pray for us on Thursday, July 20th.

The meeting will take place at 1:30 pm in the King County Council Chambers, 10th Floor, King County Courthouse, Room 1001 located at 516 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104.  You are welcome to attend.  We will plan our testimonies but would appreciate your signing in and showing your support as we face this battle again.  We are hoping to have many turn out in support of pregnancy centers at that meeting.

Thank you for all your support. We remain only by the power of prayer in this spiritual battle for life. God bless you all.

In His Peace,

Kim Triller
Executive Director
Care Net of Puget Sound