Kids Check-In FAQ

Will my child's information be safe in the KidCheck online database?

  • Absolutely! First and foremost, KidCheck is a security company. The convenience of the kiosk check-in system is secondary. Your child’s information is digitally secured by bank-level data security, and physically by 24/7 staffed and monitored data center.

Can I check my child into multiple services?

  • With a single click of button, yes.

Can a friend or neighbor pick up my child for me?

  • As a Primary Guardian for your child, you can designate who you would like to have the ability to pick up your kids. A privilege that will be verified by the information on the guardian receipt and the child’s name tag.

Will my KidCheck account from another church work here?

  • Absolutely!

Why does KidCheck use a phone number as a check-in identifier?

  • The 10 digit phone number is the shortest, yet completely unique personal identifier, and therefore fast and easy to use for check-in. Using something like 'last name' would make for a time-consuming and confusing check-in experience by having to sort through multiple records of people with common names. In addition to guardians entering a 10 digit phone number, our barcoded keytags are another great option for check-in. They are similar to those used by grocery stores and gyms. Keytags help the check-in process to be as streamlined and efficient as possible.

What is the difference between a Guardian Accounts and Login Accounts?

  • A KidCheck login account
    • This is a full account completed by a parent or guardian which includes a user name and password. The login account includes all pertinent family information including photos, children information, allergy or medical info, authorized/unauthorized guardians, and their preferences (i.e. text messaging capabilities). Once they have created a login account with a user name and password, they have the ability to securely access, manage and change their information at any time, from any computer. KidCheck recommends parents/guardians create a login account prior to checking children in for the first time. This will ensure a quick and easy first time check-in by simply requiring their 10 digit phone number at the check-in station.
  • A KidCheck guardian account
    • This is a partial account which will allow a parent/guardian to check in their children without a login account but does not allow them access from home to manage their account. When this is created at the check-in station the first time they check in, it will ask basic information about the children (name, birthdate, sex, allergies) but will not allow upload of photos or guardian management. KidCheck will automatically send an email to them requesting that they complete their account from home to provide the benefits of a full login account.

Should parents set up a on combined account or a separate account for each parent?

  • For families whose guardians share the same main address and contact phone information, one login account that includes both parents is the best option. One guardian will be the primary guardian and then add the spouse or significant other, list the children, and then add any other people they want to be able to drop off or pick up their children as authorized guardians. For example they can add Grandma and Grandpa or a trusted neighbor as authorized guardians. If appropriate, they can also include anyone that is not authorized. They should also upload photos to increase the level of security.
  • When contact information and guardianship differs within the family unit, setting up separate login accounts for each guardian is the best option. This allows each guardian to list the children, their associated authorized guardians, use their own phone number to check-in and have the ability to manage and update their own personal information.