tom lathrop

Meet Tom: 

  • Place of birth: Weymouth, MA
  • Year began at CC: 1993
  • Family info: Wife: Sue (married Nov. 17th, 1973); Son: Don (born in Korea 1976) married to Annalise; Son: Mark (born in Sacramento 1981) married to Megan with 3granddaughters, Scarlett Grace & Cora Elise & Eve Victoria. 
  • Education: Electronics Technology @ American River College. 5-year missions training with Worldwide Evangelism Crusade. Moody Bible Institute Teacher's Training Course. 10 years OJT with Youth for Christ. Prison Ministry Training with PFCU.

Ministry Passion(s): My passion is discipleship training, mentoring, Life Groups, and teaching and preaching God's word. Also doing missionary work in Prison Ministry which I've been doing since 1983, and currently serving with Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministry. 

Hobbies/Leisure Time activities: Time with grandkids, Walking, Hiking, Korean Jokgu (Kick-Volleyball sport), Ancient Coin Collecting, Reading Christian Books, Photography, Strategy Games.

Kodak moment: Christmas Eve, snack bar in Bupyoung, S. Korea, 1972, where I first met Sue.

What makes me sad? glad? mad?

  • Sad: Dealing with people's marriage issues .
  • Glad: People who love to worship Christ & disciple others. 
  • Mad: Self-centered arrogant people.


  • Book(s): Mostly Classic Christian books: C.S. Lewis, J. Oswald Chambers, Oswald Sanders, A.W. Tozer, J.C. Ryle, Randy Alcorn, C.J. MaHaney, many others
  • Book of the Bible: Ephesians
  • Childhood memory: Snake hunting in the woods in Massachusetts
  • Food(s)/Snack(s)/beverage: Mac & Cheese, Pizza & Pasta, Sweet Tea
  • Music/Musician: Contemporary Christian: Rachael Lampa, Natalie Grant, Susan Ashton, Keith & Kristyn Getty, Scott Krippayne, Aaron Shust, Salvador, Jeremy Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman, many others
  • Movie(s): Fireproof, Courageous, The Ultimate Gift, Second Hand Lions, most movies with Tom Hanks
  • TV show: I don't really watch much TV... 
  • Sports & SportsTeam(s): Korean Jokgu, Seattle Mariners & Seahawks
  • Northwest Get-away: Ruby Beach, Cannon Beach
  • Local Restaurant: Jasmines Mongolian Grill or Chick-Fil-A
  • Favorite Websites:|  GotQuestions.Org | Facebook| Google Photos

Tom's Personal Testimony:  I grew up in a small town in rural Massachusetts on the south shore. My dad was a hard working man who taught me the value of commitment and dependability. At the age of 15 he decided to hold me back in 7th grade, so I rebelled and started a 13-year drinking habit. This got me in a lot of trouble with the law. So much so that, according to my lawyer, I had to join the Army to keep from doing time. Thus, I enlisted in February 1972.
  During basic combat training my drill sergeant was tested during a training exercise and I failed the test of guard duty, not challenging the intruder in the proper way. He went ballistic on me and held a knife to my throat. Then he had me beaten up and had a squad formed to beat up the rest of the platoon, one by one, in the latrine. As I heard the screams of these men being beaten, saw the blood on their faces, and the hateful looks at me, I remembered a part of the gospel about Jesus suffering because of my failure, and my sins.
  I decided to become a model soldier, and over the course of six years as an NCO I received many honors and appreciation for my service activities. I served two tours in Korea and during the first tour I met a guy named Art who said he had just been born again. He was quite excited about this new relationship with the Lord he had begun and I thought he was rather weird, mainly because he no longer went out to the village to drink with the rest of us. He just hung around the barracks reading the bible all the time.
I then got reassigned to a signal site at Fort Hunter Liggett, CA. As a cable splicer I worked outside most of the time, but in April of 1974 I worked the base switchboard in place of a man named Lee. Lee was another one of those born again Christians. He was so much like Art and always ready to share the gospel and the hope he had in life. One evening at 1 a.m. an incoming call came in on the switchboard for Lee. It was from Fort Lewis, WA. It was Art, who had coincidentally met Lee over the switchboard somehow and they had become good friends. 
  Art shared with me all that the Lord was doing in his life and for an hour I was amazed at the level of intimacy that Art had with God and how every detail of his life was traced back to the providence of God. On my way home my coworker and I decided to go to the beach to pick some mussles for lunch. At about 8 a.m. we ran into two Christians on a deserted beach. They shared gospel literature with us and spend some time talking about Jesus. When I got home I turned the TV on in the afternoon and a Billy Graham crusade was on. Billy had been in Korea for their largest crusade in Asia’s history.
  But I could not get near enough to hear him as there were over a million people there. So I listened to how he explained the gospel in such simplicity. He said, “God is holy and we are sinful. There is a great chasm between us that no man can span. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. God showed his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” 
  For the first time I understood that my sins have been paid for. I didn’t have to earn favor with God. Jesus had paid the price for me with His own blood. And although the wages of sin is death, the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. And I wanted that gift. 
  I responded in prayer by receiving Christ right there in my living room in Paso Robles, CA. God then began the process of transforming me, which has continued to this day. This transformation ultimately resulted in my entire family coming to Christ. The real miracles began after God began to change my heart.