Passionate, active, spiritually healthy women. Women who step out into the community, raise children, mentor grandchildren, and influence friends in the neighborhood and market place. Women whose understanding of God’s truth is so solid it gives her courage to face the things she fears. Women who flourish. Wherever God puts them.

Our culture is changing rapidly, radically. That’s a reality we need to respond to. Women who have walked with Christ for many years, have wisdom and experience to share. As well as areas of growth as they learn how the doctrines of old are to be lived out and passed down in our new culture. Women who are raising children are feeding the next generation and their outlook and morals are being copied. Single and younger women have a unique set of eyes watching them as they represent Christ in an environment many of us don’t understand. How do our generations interact, encourage, uphold and love each other? How do we develop relationships intimate enough to cry out to each other in pain and celebrate with each other in joy? How do we show a younger Christian how to walk counter culturally when there’s so much pressure to tolerate wrong thinking?

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