flourish mentoring groups 2018

Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild  |  By Mary A. Kassian


January: Host a 'Get to Know You' tea with your group, hand out the books, and initiate a discussion of 'who or what do they consider to be wise and wild.'   (SUMMARY & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS)

February: Read the Intro: Wild Thing. Read Point of Contrast #1: HEART  |  What Holds First Place in Her Affections.  (SUMMARY & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS)

March: Read Point of Contrast #2: COUNSEL | Where She Gets Her Instruction.  Read Point of Contrast #3: APPROACH | Who Directs Her Love Story. (DISCUSSION QUESTIONS  Word // PDF)  Take the Media Reduction Challenge 

April: Read Point of Contrast #4:  ATTITUDE  |  Her Prevailing Disposition.  Read 1 Peter 3. (DISCUSSION QUESTIONS  Word //  PDF)

May:  Read Point of Contrast #5: HABITS | My Priorities and Routines  (DISCUSSION QUESTIONS  Word //  PDF

June: Read Point of Contrast #6:  FOCUS   |  What Commands Her Attention. (DISCUSSION QUESTIONS  Word //  PDF

July: Read Point of Contrast #7: APPEARANCE  |  How She Adorns Herself. (DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Word // PDF)

August - Read Point of Contrast #8:  BODY LANGUAGE  |  Her Nonverbal Behavior.  (DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Word // PDF)

September:  Read Point of Contrast #9: ROLES  |  Her Pattern of Interaction. (DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Word  //  PDF)

October: Read Point of Contrast #10:  SEXUAL CONDUCT  |  Her Sexual Behavior.  Read Point of Contrast #11:  BOUNDARIES  |  Her Hedges and Precautions. (DISCUSSION QUESTIONS WORD // PDF)

November:  Read Point of Contrast #12: AUTHENTICITY  |  Her Public Versus Private Persona. (DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Word // PDF)   Article: The  Problem with Authenticity

December: Christmas Fellowship.

January:  Read Point of Contrast #13:  NEEDINESS  |  Whom She Depends on to Fulfill Her Longings.

February:  – Read Point of Contrast #14 POSSESSIONS  |  How She Handles Her Money and Resources. Read Point of Contrast #15: ENTITLEMENT   |  Her Insistence on Gratification. 

March: Read Point of Contrast #16: RELIABILITY  |  Her Faithfulness to Commitments. 

April: Read Point of Contrast  #17: SPEECH  |  Her Speech Habits.   (Download CONVERSATION SPEECH QUIZ.)

May: Read Point of Contrast #18: INFLUENCE  |  Her Impact on Others and Their Impact on Her. 

June: Read Point of Contrast #19: SUSTAINABILITY  |  Her Ability to Nurture and Sustain a Relationship. 

July: Read Point of Contrast #20: TEACHABILITY   |   Her Willingness to be Corrected and Instructed.  Read Conclusion: WILD TO WISE.

August: Summer fellowship and wrap up.