Gene Hunt  |  Deacon

Meet Gene:

  • Place of Birth: Ritzville, WA
  • Year you began at CCFW: 1990
  • Family Info: Married to Rhea Beth Hunt in 1982
  • Daughter Alyson birthed August 1987 - Married Brandon Drake April 2012
  • Son Curran birthed February 1990
  • Education: Graduated Baker Senior High 1974
  • USN 1975-1979 Honorable Discharge
  • USCG 1983-2003 Retired
  • BS in Religion 2007 Liberty University
  • Pastor in Training 2003-2007 Christ's Church
  • Ordained 2007

Personal Testimony: Rhea and I had been married 11 years when a neighbor invited Alyson (6yo) and Curran (4yo). to Awana. At that time I was a self centered, self worshiping bully. Through their study and scripture recitation, I clearly heard the Gospel for the first time. I was convicted on my sin. I repented and confessed Jesus as my Savior and Lord and was soon thereafter baptized. My life has never been the same and is in constant renovation and restoration. My life's key verses are Philippians 2:3,4 (the opposite of who I was before Christ) and 1 Corinthians 10:13 (my daily life ring).

Ministry Passion?: Three things: The Gospel of Jesus Christ; The Great Commission; Young people.

Hobbies, Leisure Time activities: I like to do anything with Rhea, work out, hike, bike, shoot my guns and bow, fish, camp,

Kodak Moment:: My ordination. I have never felt the weight of responsibility the way I did that evening. That was a life changer.

What makes you sad, glad, mad?

  • Sad: Professing Christians who blame God for their inactive faith.
  •  GLAD?: Rhea mages me glad daily. Seeing lives changed through love and obedience to Jesus.
  •  MAD?: Professing Christians who blame God for their inactive faith.


  • BOOK(s): True Spirituality by Francis A. Schaeffer; Grudem's Systematic Theology; Boy's in the Boat; The Devil at My Heals
  •  Book of the Bible: Both Ephesians and Philippians
  •  Childhood Memory: I had a great childhood, but I don't spend any time remembering it.
  • Food/Snack/Beverage: Meat & Salad; Snickers; Sun Tea
  • Music/Musician: Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Blues Rock
  •  Movie(s): No Favorites
  • TV Show: American Ninja Warrior
  • Sport/Sports Team(s): I love to play Softball and Frisbee. I enjoy the Seahawks and Mariners.
  • NW Getaway: Cost Guard Campground in Westport, WA; Badger Lake in Eastern WA.
  • Local Restaurant: Wherever Rhea wants to go. I'm a good eater.

Other Comments: It is a privilege to serve Jesus at CCFW. A privilege and a blessing. I have been given the opportunity to visit churches in many parts of the world. I always go knowing I am supported by CC and am always glad to be back in the house.