ministry among non-Christian peoples
grace ministries international

Grace Ministries International (GMI) exists as a ministry of Grace Community Church to facilitate their missionaries toward meeting our biblical obligation to "make disciples of all the nations" (Matthew 28:19).

At its heart, GMI is absolutely committed to the inerrancy, authority, and sufficiency of Scripture. As such, we look to God's Word alone in determining our theology of missions. The following outlines the focus of our missionary efforts.

Leadership Training  |  Leadership training takes place on the mission field primarily through international training centers. Established by a union of Grace Church missionaries and national church leaders, these schools are similar to a Bible institute or seminary.

Church Strengthening  |  Church strengthening brings a missionary alongside an existing church to support and strengthen its ministry in the community.

Church Planting  |  Church planting takes place where there is no national evangelical church.

Bible Translation  |  Bible translation brings the Word of God to a people group that does not yet have the Bible in their own language.