kyle & nancy herr

Kyle and Nancy Herr have been involved with Awana beginning at a local level in their home church for over 35 years.  Kyle began serving in Awana shortly after receiving Christ as his personal Savior.  They began working as part of the area wide ministry team and served under two former missionaries, David Genn and Darrell Weiland.  

On August 1, 1999 they became full time Awana Missionaries.  There are presently about 160 Awana Ministries in SW Washington and the Olympic Peninsula.  

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Their duties as Awana Missionaries include:

  • Pastor-Commander- Director Fellowships
  • Fall Awana Ministry Conferences, put on for all Awana, Children & Youth Ministries, and Pastors to attend.
  • A Ministry Team that they work closely with, mentoring and assisting them in putting on
    • Awana Games
    • Bible Quizzing


  • Club Visitations
  • Pastor Visitations
  • Work with churches interested in starting Awana
  • Present Awana as part of Church Mission Conferences
  • Awana Getting Started Training for New Clubs as well as Refreshers for existing Clubs

Office Work…

  • Reports
  • Conference Calls with Regional Missionaries
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Maintain Website
  • Communication with Clubbers for handbook requirements  
  • Webinar Trainings
  • Communications

Personal Testimony:
I, Kyle, became a Christian through a series of events in my life.  I served in the Navy, and upon returning home I began dating Nancy.  We were married in 1972.  Shortly after we were married, Nancy’s brother and father invited me to attend Bible Study Fellowship.  I did, and three years later during the study of the book of John, I received Jesus as my personal savior.  

We began Missionary Process in 1997 after serving for many years on the ministry team.   On August 1, 1999 we became full time Awana Missionaries.  We shared Western WA with Darrell Weiland as he was transitioning into a new role of Regional Ministry Director.    For the last 12 years we have served SW WA and the Olympic Peninsula.   On April 1, 2013 we added King County to our Ministry Area, giving us approximately 160 churches with Awana.  

We have 4 children (All know and love the Lord Jesus Christ and serve in different capacities) 

  • Corey (wife Alicia) Brandon  & Kailey  live in Grand Rapids MI
  • Justin (wife Heather) Jaycee   & Jaxon  live in Phoenix AZ
  • Jeremy (wife Laura) Christian   & Ellee   live in Eastport NY
  • Kylene (husband Matt) Jae almost  and new baby end of Oct live in Phoenix AZ 

Update:  Sep - 2016