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In 1975, there were 150,000 Protestant Christians in Vietnam.  Today there are estimated to be 1.5 million.  Despite this surge, very few colleges and seminaries exist for training future leaders.  Evangelical Christians in Vietnam are developing institutions for pastoral training and for equipping churches, but they face many challenges like limited print resources and teachers.

Jon and Andrea work with Hanoi Bible College in Vietnam in order to strengthen theological education for the church.

They have lived in Vietnam since 2015.  Besides eating pho, visiting Ha Long Bay, and drinking strong Vietnamese coffee, they studied Vietnamese through a local university.

Jon is now on the faculty of Hanoi Bible College. HBC began in 2013 and trains pastors for the Evangelical Church of Vietnam. While less than 0.1% of people in Hanoi are evangelical Christians, there are around 300,000 Christians in northern Vietnam. HBC is one of the first opportunities for formal theological education in the region. When the graduating students begin full-time ministry next year, many of them will be the first leaders in their churches with formal training.

Jon and Andrea have four children: Joy, Isaiah, Agnes, and Ingrid.

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Personal Background
Both Jon and Andrea studied Biblical Languages and Exegesis at the Master’s College and Wheaton Graduate School.
Then for six years, starting in 2005, they served in Ukraine at Kremenchuk Bible College with SEND International.  They taught classes in biblical studies and theology.  Jon also served as Academic Dean.  Andrea taught courses on Methods of Biblical Interpretation to the college’s first class of women seminarians.  Christians in Ukraine have built solid resources for providing direction in their churches.
In September 2011, their family returned to the States while Jon completed a three year program to complete his PhD in Theology at Wheaton College in 2014.  They then sensed the Lord redirecting them toward a location with fewer resources for theological education.
Jon attended Christ’s Church with his family while in High School and College.  He credits the ministry here with stoking his passion for theological education ever since a book discussion group helped him start reading classic Christian books. 

Updated:  July 2017