Gene & Rhea Hunt
Youth Missions International

Gene and Rhea Hunt have been serving members at CCFW for nearly two decades. On November 13, 2012, they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. Their two adult children were both reborn at CCFW, so you are also their family. .
Gene, by God’s grace, joined the staff of CCFW after graduation from the US Coast Guard in 2003. Ordained as Pastor after completion of his undergraduate degree from Liberty University in 2007, Gene has served as Middle school, College-age, Men’s, and Guest Services Pastor during his time at CCFW. Rhea has served as Awana Trek leader and director, and Women’s Ministry study leader. She also served as a high school girl’s Bible teacher at Awana Camp. Gene and Rhea have participated in missions to Montana and Africa.
Gene transitioned from the staff of CCFW to Director of Ministry of Youth Missions International (YMI). n his new position, he will oversee the outreach, development, deployment, and recovery of student-led domestic and foreign missions. This is a faith-supported missionary position within YMI.