brian & Kellie Ingraham

Brian and Kellie are focused on the development of the church for the next generation of Scots. The attitudes about Jesus in Scotland range between apathy and disdain. The concept of having a passion for Jesus is unheard of. The emerging generation is absent from churches in Glasgow (the largest city in Scotland). The city has abandoned its Christian heritage and most young people see Christianity as a failed religion that "didn’t work" and was the source of more evil than good. Their ministry team in Glasgow exists to model, revitalize, and catalyze healthy and effective churches in Scotland with a "next generation" focus.

Their attention is focused in these five areas:

Church Planting
They’ve established a bible-based church in Glasgow, Scotland near the main University campus called RE:HOPE (pronounced "regarding hope"). Glasgow’s university district has been a spiritually hostile environment, but many of the people who come to RE:HOPE didn’t attend church six months ago.  We encourage and mentor other church planters in Glasgow.

Revitalizing Existing Churches
By having weekly meetings with established pastors.
By revitalizing dying churches via "Hands On" leadership.
By refocusing churches in transition through interim leadership of 6-12 months in order to guide the church in a return to the Word and Prayer as they seek God for their future pastor.

Emerging Leadership Development
By implementing a 12 month British-based leadership development program (internship).
By one-on-one development of young people called to future full-time ministry.

Bible Reading Groups
By developing and overseeing an international movement of Bible Reading Groups.
By catalyzing multi-interdenominational bible reading groups of pastors in Scotland and internationally.

University Generation Mission
By speaking on many major Scotland university campuses \
By coordinating a multi-church outreach work to University Students.

Pray that God uses the Ingraham ministry to bear much fruit in this spiritually dark place, and join with them in praying Ephesians 1:17-20 over their family, the church, and their missionary team.

Kellie grew up in Federal Way attending Twin Lakes Elementary, Lakota Junior High, and Decatur High School. During those years, Kellie’s family attended Christ’s Church, beginning in 1987. Kellie met Brian Ingraham at Lakeside Bible Camp. After graduating from High School, they both attended and graduated from Multnomah Bible College (Portland) and were married in 1997. After working several years in the States in youth ministry, they felt called to Scotland and have been serving as missionaries in Glasgow since 2003.
Brian and Kellie have three children:
Ethan (2000)
Emma (2002)
Owen (2006)

Home Address:   |  12 Sydenham Road  |  Glasgow, Scotland, UK G12 9NP
Re:Hope Church |  37 Stewartville St, Partick  |  Glasgow, Scotland, UK  â€‹G11 5PL