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Brian and Kellie are church planting for the next generation in the UK, focusing on Glasgow and Belfast. The attitudes about Jesus in Scotland range from apathy to disdain. The emerging generation is almost absent from churches in Glasgow (the largest city in Scotland). Scotland was recently added to the Unreached Nations List based on the latest research showing less than 1% of the people attending church. The city has abandoned its Christian heritage. The ministry focus of Brian and Kellie is to catalyze healthy and effective churches focused on reaching the next generation.

They presently have Church Plants in these 4 locations:

1. Re:hope West End

In 2005, they established this bible-based church in Glasgow near the main University campus called Re:Hope (pronounced "regarding hope"). They were miraculously able to acquire a church building in this very populated part of the city in 2011 and God has been filling up and sending out people from this location ever since.

Church Address: Re:Hope West End: 37 Stewartville Street, Partick, Glasgow, Scotland, UK G11 5PL

2. Re:Hope Belfast

In 2016, they launched a second location, this time in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There are many connections with the people of Glasgow West End to Belfast. God is growing this location. They have a strong leadership team on the ground with a compelling vision and a heart to see Jesus move in Belfast. This church exists over the Irish Sea, but is very much part of Re:Hope.

3. Re:Hope Southside

In 2019, a third Re:Hope church was planted on the Southside of Glasgow. This is a diverse and revitalized part of the city in many ways, and it is vast. Their bid to purchase a huge, beautiful old church building was miraculously accepted at the end of 2018 and services began in 2019 with 102 people (they were praying for 100 to start). Very exciting! They are praying this church will quickly be established and reach many for Jesus on the Southside.

Church Address: Re:Hope Southside: 14 Regwood Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK G41 3JG

4. Re:Hope Royston

Also in 2019, an opportunity was opened to start a church in a small, old church building in a very deprived and isolated corner of the north side of Glasgow. 60% of the people in the area live in government provided housing on very little income. There are many social issues here that go back generations. A leader from the West End church is developing a core of volunteers for this special mission field. The government agencies are encouraged that Re:Hope is coming to this pocket of the city which has been neglected for so long. The church is praying for Jesus’ heart for Royston and that this very new church plant will flourish there. Services began in September 2019.

Church Address: Re:Hope Royston: 15 Tharsis Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK G21 2JF

Bible reading Groups

Re:Hope also focuses on developing and overseeing a movement of Bible Reading Groups across the church plants.

Pray that God uses the Ingraham’s ministry to bear much fruit in this spiritually dark place, and join with them in praying Ephesians 1:17-20 over their family and the churches.


Kellie grew up in Federal Way attending Twin Lakes Elementary, Lakota Junior High, and Decatur High School. During those years, Kellie’s family attended Christ’s Church, beginning in 1987. Kellie met Brian Ingraham at Lakeside Bible Camp (Whidbey Island). After graduating from High School, they both attended and graduated from Multnomah Bible College (Portland) and were married in 1997. After working several years in the States in youth ministry, they felt called to Scotland and have been serving as missionaries in Glasgow since 2003.

Brian and Kellie have three children: Ethan, Emma and Owen.

The Ingraham’s write:Christ’s Church has been so generous to us over the years and we cannot thank you enough. We see direct connections between your generosity and new believers in our city. Thank you!

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NOVO is a Latin word that means “to make new.” This name is a powerful statement about the aim of our partnership with God’s work in the world—the redemption of people everywhere. We long to see men, women, and children made new in the image of Jesus. Our name also describes how we go about this redemptive mission. We are innovators, artists, risk-takers, and catalysts. We believe creativity is critical to sparking and sustaining the gospel movements we long to see.