Jeff Moorehead


Pastor Jeff has a passion for the exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the proclamation of His Word. He loves to see people become fully devoted followers of Christ as they serve in the church and around the world.


  • Place of birth: Enid, Oklahoma
  • Year began at Christ's Church: September of 1996
  • Family info: Kim and I married in December of 1992 and God blessed us with four kids: Megan ('93), JJ ('95), Bobby ('97), Annie ('02).
  • Education: Graduated from Juanita High School (Kirkland) and received B.A. in Preaching and Biblical Studies from Pacific Christian College, now Hope Intl University in Fullerton, CA.

Personal Testimony: "I grew up in a pastor's home, so life revolved around the church.  I was involved in pretty much everything the church had going…choir, outreach, Whirleybirds, Jet Cadets, youth group, camps, retreats, Bible quizzing, etc., but it wasn't until around 8th grade that my faith was tested and found wanting. Through the ministry of a a special small group of young guys who met regularly with our youth pastor, God awakened my heart to a genuine  faith in Christ that unseated my formerly self-righteous, rule-keeping form of religion. From that point on, the Lord grew my heart and faith in Him and called me into the ministry my senior year of High School. Knowing Christ and serving Him in full-time ministry has been an incredible adventure of grace and truth."

Ministry Passion(s): Love to know, study and proclaim God's truth.

Hobbies/Leisure Time activities: Love hanging out with the family, reading theology and playing any sport I can win.

Kodak moment: getting married to Kim, watching Megan, my first child, be born.

What makes me sad? glad? mad?

  • Sad: Seeing people attempt to live without Christ.
  • Glad: Seeing people come to Christ and live for Him. 
  • Mad: False teachers...Did I say false teachers?


  • Book(s): Anything theological…I love to read John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul and other biblcial thinkers. 
  • Book of the Bible: It’s hard to pick just one, but I really like Revelation because it shows how we win in the end
  • Childhood memory: Lots of them, but one is flying by helicopter with my dad my senior year to a remote frozen lake in the Cascades and ice skating
  • Food(s)/Snack(s)/beverage: Food: Meat and potatoes. Snack: Buttered popcorn. Drinks: Sweet tea and Dr. Pepper
  • Music/Musician: I love contemporary worship songs, selected old hymn and 70's music, but do not like country music (though my family does, but I’m praying for their repentance)
  • Movie(s): Any true sports movie and I loved The Fugitive with Harrison Ford
  • TV show: Sportcenter and FOX News are my favorites
  • Sports & SportsTeam(s): Seattle teams, Washington Huskies, Florida Gators (lived there), Oklahoma Sooners (born there) and Boston Celtics (loved Larry Bird)
  • Northwest Get-away: Cresent Bar in Eastern Washington and Spokane Hoopfest
  • Local Restaurant: Spaghetti Factory