Life Group FAQ’S

WHAT IS A LIFE GROUP? | A Life Group is a small group of people from every age and stage of life who meet weekly in various locations and are devoted to helping one another become reproducing followers of Jesus Christ by means of fellowship, bible study, prayer, outreach and service together. The name Life Group signifies the new life God gave us in Christ to grow in and share with others. It also signifies the way in which we care for and participate in these groups. In these groups, we do life together.

WHY SHOULD I CONSIDER JOINING A LIFE GROUP? | The Christian life is best lived with others. Life Groups provide an environment where you can connect with others in a way where love, accountability and needs are freely shared and faith in Christ is developed together.

IF I JOIN A LIFE GROUP, WHAT AM I COMMITTING MYSELF TO? | Every Life Group participant commits themselves to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ, and to help others make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ. This will involve a commitment to the group in attendance, prayer, participation in the study and discussion, fellowship, service and outreach together.

WHAT HAPPENS IN A LIFE GROUP? | Each Life Group meets for about 90 minutes. Though each group may differ in how they do things, they each will include three basic elements: a gathering time (could include greeting, refreshment, welcome, opening prayer, singing, Scripture reading, word of thanksgiving/praise), a sharing time (share a testimony, discussion on current study) and some caring time (pray together, share about service projects and/or outreach to others).

WHEN AND WHERE DO LIFE GROUPS MEET AND HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? | There is an opportunity to join a new or existing Life Group at any time by contacting a Life Group leader. The locations, leaders and groups are available in a printed Life Group brochure and on our website (go to All you need to do is personally contact the leader and tell them you want to be involved.

HOW LONG DOES A LIFE GROUP LAST? | Our Life Groups consistently run during the school year. We take scheduled breaks for important men’s and women’s events. Many of our groups break from regular meetings during the summer but will often meet for fun activities during this season.

WHAT WILL WE STUDY IN LIFE GROUPS? | We follow the sermon that is preached on Sunday. This gives everyone the opportunity to seriously study, discuss, consider, and apply what is taught.

WHO WILL BE LEADING OUR LIFE GROUPS? | Various trained leaders and co-leaders who are members of Christ’s Church and committed to helping others make more and better disciples of Jesus Christ. The purpose of each leader is to help start another group in the future. Our desire is to bring up new leaders in our groups, who can then go and start new groups. This creates opportunities for new people to join groups.

ARE THERE AGE-SPECIFIC OR STAGE OF LIFE GROUPS AVAILABLE? | Most of our groups are a mixture of age and marital status, but we understand there are affinities and seasons of life that can be greatly encouraged by others who share a similar experience or needs. Check the brochure for age/language specific groups.

WHAT IF I AM PART OF A LIFE GROUP, BUT WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE GROUPS? | We recognize that sometimes for various reasons a change can be beneficial. We would ask that you communicate clearly and honestly with your current leader about the change you are making. We know that starting out in a group can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. So, we ask new people to commit to go to a group for 6-8 weeks, and then if at that point you want to make a change, that is fine.

SHOULD I JOIN A LIFE GROUP IF I AM ALREADY INVOLVED IN ANOTHER MINISTRY? | Yes, our goal is to connect everyone in a Life Group so they can be growing together and helping others grow while they use their gifts to serve the Lord in various areas of ministry. Ministry commitments may need to be adjusted in order to make Life Group involvement a priority.

WILL LIFE GROUPS BE JUST ANOTHER MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY AND OPTION TO CONSIDER? | We hope not. It is our leadership team’s strong commitment to have Life Groups be the heart and soul of our ministry culture of fellowship, bible study, prayer, leadership development and outreach together. It does not in any way exclude all other opportunities to serve and grow, but it is intended to be the primary way.

CAN OUR CHILDREN PARTICIPATE WITH US? | Depending upon age, that is a good possibility, but we request that you contact the Life Group leader to discuss this possibility.

WE HAVE SMALLER CHILDREN, SO IS CHILDCARE AVAILABLE? | Please contact the group you are interested in joining and find out about any childcare opportunities. Some groups are specifically suited towards younger kids.

IF I TRAVEL A LOT, SHOULD I STILL JOIN A LIFE GROUP? | Absolutely, because you won’t want to miss the opportunity to connect with other like-minded believers that you can be encouraged by and be a blessing to even if you are not able to be consistently involved.

HOW CAN I BECOME A LIFE GROUP LEADER? | Tell your current leader that you would like to become a leader-in-training. Work with your current leader to develop your leadership skills, contact Caleb Kim, and work to launch a new Life Group.

IF I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS, WHO CAN I TALK TO? | Contact Caleb Kim at He would be excited to talk with you.