Matt Forbes


Meet Matt:

  • Birth: June 30th, 1983

  • Marriage and Family: I married my amazing wife Stacey in 2009 and we have 2 kids, Avery and Jake. Stacey teaches music at The Cor Deo School in Tacoma. I grew up in Colorado Springs, and all of my immediate family still lives there. Stacey’s family has lived in Federal Way and attended CCFW for 35 years.

  • Education: B.A. in Communication from The Master’s College (now The Master’s University) with a minor in Biblical Studies. I’m currently working on my M.A. in Biblical Studies from TMU.

Testimony and Church Life: At age 8, I heard part of 1 John read in a time of family devotions. God convicted me of my sin and enabled me to confess and trust in Him alone for salvation. Since then, God has been faithful to patiently grow my faith. After completing a youth & music internship at 18, I regularly volunteered in student ministries while working in business the next 10 years. In that time I began to sense a call to church ministry, and was a youth pastor for 5 years before joining the Christ’s Church staff. I’m passionate about student ministry, in part because it is during this life stage that so many people choose what they will believe and who they will become. It’s critical to be equipped with God's Word at any age, and what it means to live practically in light of it. I’m so thankful to be at Christ’s Church and live life with the people God has called here.  

Interests: Playing or watching most any sport (esp baseball & hockey), spending time with my wife, and playing any game with my kids.  

Ministry Passions: I’m open to any areas God would have me serve, but I currently enjoy student & family ministries, Biblical history, teaching, counseling, and church music. 

Pet Peeve: Last minute plans and messes. 

Some Favorites:

  • Book(s): Dangerous Calling (Tripp), Thoughts for Young Men (Ryle), Valley of Vision, John MacArthur books, Gospel Coalition blogs (especially Kevin DeYoung), Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)

  • Book of the Bible: Romans

  • Sports Team(s): Dodgers, Mariners, Avalanche

  • Food(s): Anything Stacey makes!

  • Northwest Get-away: Hood Canal, Orcas Island, Eaglecrest Resort

  • Snack(s): Chips & guacamole, popcorn, PB&J, dried fruit

  • Music: Shane & Shane, Thomas Newman, classical and choral music, Michael Buble, oldies. Mostly anything but country & rap.

  • Movie(s): Miracle, Historical Documentaries, Disney/Pixar