Maxwell Dalrymple

Middle School Director

Meet Max:

  • Email Address:  
  • Place of Birth: Auburn, WA  
  • Year you began at CCFW: On staff since 2018, Attended since birth  
  • Family Info :  
  • Education: Earning a Bachelor's in Accounting in March, 2019 from the University of Washington Tacoma  

Personal Testimony: "I've attended Christ's Church ever since I was born, so I've heard the gospel about how Jesus loves me and died on the cross for my sins many times throughout the course of my life. However, even though I was probably saved at an early age, it wasn't until high school that God hit me over the head by showing me how sinful I truly was and that I actually needed Jesus to save me. At the time, I had a terrible relationship with my mother, and after one of our biggest fights ever, as I sat and sulked because I was angry at her, God convicted me as if to say, "What are you mad about? This is your fault. Not only this, but all of your sin is your fault." To that point in my life, I had always intellectually accepted that Romans 6:23, which says that the wages of sin is death, was true, but I never really believed that I was personally deserving of an eternity in Hell for the way that I had sinned against the eternal God of the universe. However, once I realized that all of my sin was solely my fault and that I truly was deserving of Hell, then the love of Christ became all the more precious, merciful, and incredible to me. Romans 5:8 says that God demonstrates His love for us in that, while we were STILL SINNERS, Christ died for us. Once I realized the weight of my sin, the reality of the weight of God's amazing grace became that much bigger to me. Thus, from that moment on, although I still sin everyday and continue to discover how sinful I truly am, I have been following Christ, who is changing me and helping me to love like He does more and more each day. I will never be perfect until the day He calls me home, but for the time being, He has healed my relationship with mom and is continually helping me overcome the sins of pride, greed, and deception in my life. I still fall, but when I do, 1 John 1:9 tells me He forgives when I confess my sins to Him, and He is always there to catch me because of His sacrifice on the cross, which has cast my sin as far as the east is from the west." 

Ministry Passion: I have a huge passion for working with Middle School students, primarily because that is the time in my life where I watched many of my friends change for the worse, which opened my eyes to realize that the world was actually an evil place full of sin for which Jesus is the only real remedy.  

Hobbies, Leisure Time activities: Hanging out with friends, Playing music, Ultimate Frisbee, Watching the Mariners win  

Kodak Moment: I once made 9 chins in a selfie  

What makes you sad? glad? mad?

  • Sad: Sin, People who have been hurt, Saying goodbye  
  • Glad: Jesus, The Gospel, Worshiping with people, Time with my family and friends, When the Mariners win  
  • Mad: Sin, Traffic, Commercials  


  • BOOK(s): The Bible by God, Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman, Jesus>Religion by Jeff Bethke, Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson  
  •  Book of the Bible: Romans  
  •  Childhood Memory: Going on Lighthouse retreats with Caleb and my best friends in Middle School and High School.  
  •  Food/Snack/Beverage: Fettuccine Alfredo/Chick Fil A Waffle Fries/Arizona Sweet Tea  
  •  Music/Musician: Kings Kaleidoscope  
  • Movie(s): Get Smart, The Dark Knight, Avenger's Infinity War, Jurassic World 2 and all the Jurassic Park movies  
  •  TV Show: The Office  
  •  Sport/Sports Team(s): Baseball/Mariners, Ultimate Frisbee/Seattle Cascades (Nick Mahan is my favorite player)  
  •  NW Getaway: Spokane  
  •  Local Restaurant: Trapper's Sushi