(His plan) my story 

The years go by and people walk through our lives. Some leave a footprint and continue on. Some stay and walk by our side. New babies are born, we grow older. We are part of something bigger around us, and within that bigger story we all have our own unique place. We hope the Gathering provides you the opportunity to grow relationships with women who will enhance your journey.  Did you realize God has a plan for you? He has written you in the same chapter of other women’s stories.  Let’s do more than cross steps in the same scene. Let’s really get to know each other, sharing in a way that will weave our lives together. Will you come closer by telling us an experience where Christ showed you 'His plan' was a part of 'your story'? The point when Jesus Christ stepped into your life and lifted you from a trial, carried you through a hard time, reminded you He is your ‘walking partner’.  Through sharing our stories we will be one step closer to each other, available to hold each other’s hands as we walk through similar circumstances. Individually, but not alone.

You can use the area below to share with us a portion of your story, and how you saw His plan unfold.

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