Life Change Archives

5/18/14: Gossip is a Spiritual Issue (Relevant Magazine)
3/2/14: Rescuing the Drowning Marriage (Stuart W. Scott)
12/29/13: Ten Times it's Wise to Hold Your Tongue (Lina Abujamra)
11/24/13: Communication (New Testament Christian)
7/10/16: Love Communicates (Lou Priolo)
1/22/17: Ten Reasons to Listen to Questions Before You Answer (John Piper)
4/15/18: Six Lessons in Good Listening (David Mathis)

5/7/2017: When the Hard Conversation is Necessary (Pastor Kevin Carson)
6/14/2015: Curse or Consecrate: Two Ways for Christians to View a Conflict (Ken Sande)
10/12/14: When Others Do You Wrong (Nathan Busenitz)
9/21/14: Reconciliation: Who Will Make the First Move (Ernie Baker)
3/2/14: Rescuing the Drowning Marriage (Stuart W. Scott)
4/21/13: The War Within: Galatians 5:16-18 (Jim Newheiser)
3/24/13: Biblically Resolving Conflict in Relationships (Garrett Higbee)
5/21/17: How to Respond to Difficult People (Caroline Newheiser)
9/17/17:  When People Annoy You (Lauren Lambert)

10/19/14: May I Marry for Looks: An Open Letter to Single Male Idiots (Clint Archer)
12/1/13: Biblical Approach to Dating (Paul Maxwell)
4/13/14: Gospel Antibiotic for the Poison of Bitterness
6/19/16: I Don't Wait Anymore (Grace Thornton - Grace For the Road)

7/19/2015: Die Well (Jonathan Parnell)
10/18/2015: Committing to the Road Less Traveled (Charles R. Swindoll)

11/24/13: Communication (New Testament Christian)
7/28/13: 14 Truths that Shatter the Lies of Disability (Paul Tautges)
1/13/13: How do I Lovingly Confront Someone who Claims to be Converted but who lives like a Non-Christian (9 Marks)

12/15/13: How to Make a Confession and Extend Forgiveness (Thabiti Anyabwile)
6/9/13:   From Your Heart Forgive (Aaron Sironi)
1/27/13: I'm Sorry. I Was Wrong. Please Forgive Me. (RPM Ministries)

10/13/13: The Indispensable Need for Biblical Friends (Paul Tautges)
10/20/13: Forging and Cultivating Biblical Friendships (Paul Tautges)
4/12/2015: Ten Ways Not to Hate People (Paul Tautges)

08/07/16: True Love Instructs, Corrects, and Warns: A Plea for Churches to Admonish One Another (David Schrock)
12/11/16:  Lay Aside the Weight of Selfish Preferences  (Jon Bloom)

7/12/2015: How a Simple Kindness Can Change Your Marriage (Lisa Jacobson)
6/28/2015: A Gospel-Centered World View For Living With a Difficult Spouse (Rick Thomas)
5/17/2015: What If I Don't Think My Spouse is a Christian? (Kyle Borg) 
8/10/14: 40 of the Best Pieces of Martial Advice I've Ever Heard (Mark Altrogge)
3/2/14: Rescuing the Drowning Marriage (Stuart W. Scott)
2/16/14: How to Keep Your 'I Do' in the Present Tense (Evan Welcher)
2/9/14: Beware of Temptations (Alistair Begg)
11/24/13: Communication (New Testament Christian)
11/3/13: The Powerful Habit of Choosing Kindness (Matthew & Lisa Jacobson)
9/15/13: The Covenant of Marriage (Kevin Carson)
8/25/13: Topics for Conversation When a Man and a Woman are Considering Marriage (John Piper)
8/11/13: The Grand Illusion (Dennis & Barb Rainey)
11/29/15: 7 Gospel-Centered Principles for Protecting Your Marriage (Jim Newheiser)
4/3/16: Three Ways the Gospel Changes Marriage (Erik Raymond)
7/31/16:  Marriage Manifesto for Men (Ed Welch)
9/25/16: What does it mean for a wife to submit to her husband? (Shelley Poston)
10/30/16:  7 Ways to Keep Your Wife Beautiful for Life (Brad Hambrick)
1/15/17:  Three Things to Thank Your Spouse for Today (Chris Brown)
2/12/17:  3 Things to Remember About Your (Imperfect) Marriage (Paul David Tripp)
7/23/17: Marriage Manifesto for Men (Ed Welch)
11/5/17:  Does a Good God Want Me in a Bad Marriage? (Sabrina Beasley McDonald)
11/19/17: Sexual Boundaries in Marriage (ACBC)
02/04/18: This One Commitment Will Keep Your Marriage Together (Kevin Carson)
08/11/2019: 10 Issues to Work Through Before You Get Married (Tim Challies)

Mental Illness
3/23/14: Mental Illness and the Church (Jeremy Peirre)

1/24/16: Is Your Child a Christian? (Brian Croft)
11/15/2015: Making Contentment My Estate (Mason King)
10/4/2015: Disciplining Your Children Without Losing Your Cool (Ginger Plowman - Family Life)
8/26/15: What Children Really Need From a Father (Misti Krasawski)
4/26/15: Parenting Well in a Digital World (Tim Challies)
9/14/14: Dads - To Control or to Serve, You Can't Do Both (Shepherd Press)
6/29/14: 5 Common Discipline Mistakes Every Parent Should Avoid (Matt Jacobson)
5/11/14: Distracted from Shepherding a Child's Heart (David Burnette)
3/16/14: 12 Ways to Love your Wayward Child (Desiring God)
1/12/14: Parents Require Obedience of Your Children (John Piper)
9/1/13: The Down-to-Earth Gospel for Parenting (Keri Seavey)
8/18/13: The Most Frightening Prayer I Could Pray for my Children (Christina Fox)
6/16/13: The Father of Fathers (Justin Holcomb)
5/12/13: Like Mother Like Father (Haley Satrom)
3/6/16:  Self-control and Your Children (Jay Younts)
3/20/16: When A Child Says "I Don't Know" (Julie Lowe)
5/22/16:  7 Ways Parents Unfairly Provoke Our Children (Tim Challies)
6/5/16:  Three Priorities for Christian Parents (Tim Challies)
7/17/16:  Ask Your Child to Forgive You (David Mathis)
12/4/16:  3 Reasons Children Need to Obey Their Parents (Tim Challies)
7/16/17: Hey Parents, Camp Is Over...Now What? (Pastor Kevin Carson)
8/6/17:  When Children Say "I'm Bored" (Julie Lowe - CCEF)
9/10/17: Does Proverbs Promise My Child Will Not Stray? (John Piper)
10/8/17: Four Ways to Bring "Honoring Parents" Into the Modern World (Susan Blake)

1/4/2015 Is There Any Difference Between Biblical Counseling and Christian Psychology or Christian Counseling? (John MacArthur, Wayne Mack)
7/6/14: The Psychological Does not Exist (Ed Welch)
6/4/17:  Psychology vs Bible (Randy Alcorn)