Take the "Tell Someone" Challenge

You are officially invited to take the Tell Someone challenge with us this next year as we strive to be faithful witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here’s the exciting reality:

  • God has called and empowered each one of us to be His faithful witnesses (Acts 1:8).

  • We know God wants us to live out the gospel (Matt. 5:16) and then be ready to verbalize it when He opens the doors (Rom. 10:14, 17).

  • He know we need prayer (Col. 4:2-6), encouragement (Matt. 9:37-38) and accountability (Heb. 10:24-25) since various fears can tend to intimidate us (rejection, difficult questions, failure)

  • God has given us two supernatural tools to use and rely upon: the gospel (Rom. 1:16) and the indwelling Holy Spirit who empowers our witness (Acts 1:8) and transforms the unbelievers heart (John 3:5-8; 16:8-11).

What’s the challenge?  It’s a commitment to get out of your comfort zone and take your gospel witness to the next level by choosing a challenge that will motivate you and push you to look and act upon gospel sharing moments.

someone told me....names of people God used to plant and water seeds of the gospel in your life:

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Which challenge will you take?  Sign up below?  |  And don't forget to come back and tell us when you do have the opportunity to share! 

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