Peter Schmitt  |  Deacon  |  Property / TECHNICAL manager

Meet Peter: 

  • Place of Birth: Colorado
  • Year you began at CCFW: 2011
  • Family Info : Married my spouse Jessica in 2012, Kids: Olivia 2013, Colton 2015, Logan 2017
  • Education: Interned for 2 years on tour as an audio engineer

Personal Testimony: Was blessed to grow up in a christian home and became a born again christian at a around the age of 12.

Ministry Passion? Outreach through live events.

Hobbies, Leisure Time activities: I love the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

What makes you sad, glad, mad?

  • Sad:  Pointless living
  • Glad:  Hope in Christ
  • Mad:  False teaching


  • Book:  Bible
  • Book of the Bible: Romans
  • Childhood Memory: So many to choose from. I grew up on a ranch in Colorado and had an amazing childhood.
  • Food/Snack/Beverage: I'm on a "see food" diet.
  • TV Show: Frends
  • Sport/Sports Team(s): Hawks
  • Favorite Local Restaurant: Trappers