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Bible Study Reviewers:  We need men and women to review inmate Bible study lessons, averaging 2-3 hours per week. You don’t need a Doctorate of Theology to participate, and it can be done from your homed.

Short Term Missions Trips:  Yes! I would be interested in participating in one of PFC’s short term missions trips.

In-Prison Ministry Team:  PFC needs men and women to be part of an already existing team of volunteers that conduct church services and small groups at adult and juvenile institutions.  

pen pals

Pen Pals:  PFC needs men and women to write discipleship letters of encouragement to inmates. Men write to men and women write to women. You can do this from home! Men are especially needed.

This is an excellent ministry that you can participate in by being a friend to an inmate long distance, and one of Christian discipleship and fellowship. You can do this right from your kitchen table, from your office, or even from the airport. You can handwrite a letter or type a letter.

Nuances to an Inmate Pen Pal Program:

  • Minimum Commitment- 3 inmates per PFC Pen Pal. If they all write letters in the same month it will take about 1-2 hours per month to write letters, less of course if they don’t all write in one month.

  • Receiving mail- We do not allow our PFC Pen Pals to use their home addresses for correspondence. There are three ways you can receive letters from inmates in order of priority:

    • Church addresses of qualifying churches in our local region. We have a number of churches in the local area that participate with PFC in our Bible Study Correspondence School that could be used as drop-off and pick-up points of letters when you attend church on Sunday.

    • Personal PO Box addresses.

    • Through the PFC address. We receive letters from the inmate at our PFC address and then forward them to you.

Training program- We have a one-page training program for new Pen Pals, a very simple read.

Next Steps- All you need to do is sign up for a penpal and submit the form below.

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