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team peru

“TEAM’s purpose is to help churches send missionaries to establish reproducing churches among the nations to the glory of God. We seek to do this wherever the most people have the greatest need in collaboration with churches anywhere.”

When you come into the town of Ciudad de Dios, you will notice immediately the poverty. The streets are made of dust, the homes have no running water or sewer systems, and the people have to work hard to just survive. There are many single mothers struggling to find childcare and work. The mothers either have to take the children with them to work, find work they can do at home or leave their children home alone.

The people are so busy trying to just survive that going to church is not a priority. They don’t know enough about the gospel to realize how important it is to their eternity. The City of God (Ciudad de Dios) has not had a strong presence of the Word of God. They have lived outside the local churches and outreach.

As the TEAM missionaries partner with El Camino (a growing church planted by TEAM) and the Peruvian people, there is a new dream of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the children, parents and community in Ciudad de Dios through a Christian daycare. The goal is to have the daycare up and running with a local woman equipped to be in charge within two years. The most beautiful part about the daycare is that it truly is a community effort because any mom who brings their child to the daycare will be trained and required to volunteer twice a month. This will help the moms learn about Jesus as well as job skills.

Another goal is to start a Bible Study for the moms of the daycare. Through the daycare we hope to build relationships with the families that come to us and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The long term goal is to disciple the women to take leadership not only in this study and new studies, but also out in the community. 

Imagine a city called the City of God that is full of spiritual darkness. Imagine children not having the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Imagine single mothers who can’t earn a living to support their children because there is no daycare for their children. Now imagine the light of Jesus Christ infused into a Christian daycare where children are loved and taught about God. Imagine women able to work and earn money for their families because their children are safe and well cared for at the Christian daycare and they have had the opportunity to learn job skills. Imagine women taking Bible study classes and learning about God. Imagine the people of Ciudad de Dios having eternal salvation in the one true God.

It is the beginning of souls being saved and a church being formed in the future. The Word of God will be in the City of God.


   Ciudad de Dios, Peru


Ciudad de Dios, Peru