Pastor Jeff's Africa Report

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Thanks for your prayers during my Pastoral
Training trip to Africa.

  • We travelled 92 hours in a plane and on the ground not counting layovers and drives to and from various airports
  • We ministered to 200+ leaders in 3 different training conferences: Camp Jonathan (Indian leaders); Swaziland pastors; Harrismith (Zulu leaders)
  • We covered the book of 1 Peter and demonstrated how to preach and teach expositorally through a book as well as addressed various doctrinal issues pertinent to their culture and congregational needs (marriage; doctrine of healing; qualifications of elders/pastors; conflict resolution)
  • We also addressed the doctrine of Scripture and the Church in Harrismith addressing key issues impacting the church (authority of Scripture; men’s/women’s roles in ministry; false teachers; mission of the church; marriage; family; five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4:11; church unity)

Pictures from Camp Jonathan in South Africa

2018-07-09 10.23.38.jpg

Pictures from Uganda

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Pictures from Swaziland

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Picture from Harrismith with Pastor Emmanuel and his wife Thandeka

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