Steve Grieme


As pastor of Life Groups, Steve helps connect people with people so that they can grow together in Christ. Steve and the many life group leaders work hard to provide groups where people are free to laugh, share, study, and serve together. Our Life Groups use an innovative approach to learning God’s word that implements sound Bible study methods and creates a dynamic discussion. Our Life Groups meet almost every day of the week with new groups launching frequently. There is a Life Group for everyone because the Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. God has designed us for relationships and the relationships forged through Life Groups help us grow in Christ and thrive in community. Steve's ministry passion is equipping people to understand and live out God’s truth in their lives.

Meet Steve:

  • Place of birth: Orlando, FL
  • Year began at CC: 2008
  • Family info: Married to the most beautiful dancer, Stephanie, and we’re the proud parents of the prettiest little rock stars, Emma and Bree, and son Pierce.
  • Education: ThM Dallas Theological Seminary ‘07 - Pastoral Leadership, BA University of Central Florida ‘03 – Radio/TV broadcasting

Ministry Passion(s): helping students to become lifelong fully devoted followers of Jesus

Hobbies/Leisure Time activities: basketball, tennis, the beach, swimming

Kodak moment: Giving an impromptu behind the scenes tour at Universal Studios

What makes me sad? glad? mad?

  • Sad: Dishonesty.
  • Glad: Hearing my girls laugh.
  • Mad? It takes a lot.


  • Book(s): Living by the Book by Howard Hendricks, Pocket History of the Church by D. Jeffery Bingham
  • Book of the Bible: NT: John, Acts / OT: Nehemiah
  • Childhood memory: Campouts with Family
  • Food(s)/Snack(s)/beverage: Fajitas, watermelon, lemonade
  • Music/Musician: Favorite song is “Sing to the King” Emma was born with this song playing in the background
  • Movie(s): “The Man Who Knew Too Little”
  • TV show: Old reruns of the Fugitive
  • Sports & SportsTeam(s): baseball, the Yankees
  • Northwest Get-away: Anywhere it’s sunny
  • Local Restaurant: Burger Express