Darcy, Meg & Kevin....three names in my story.


I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. - 1 Corinthians 3:6

It was early my freshman year of college when my dad called to tell me my mom, age 46, had suffered a massive heart attack. I remember the kindness of DARCY, a girl in my dorm, who hugged me and told me she had called her mom back home and asked her to put my mom on their church’s prayer chain. Although I didn’t know what a prayer chain was, I was grateful. I attended this church many times in the years ahead whenever I would visit her on summer vacation. Who would know that years later, I would meet and marry the son of this preacher who first preached the gospel to me.

MEG was my college roommate my sophomore year. She talked about the Lord, always asked if she could pray for me and was always thanking God for everything. To this day, I remember my annoyance as she thanked God for helping her do well on a college mid-term. Although she was the kindest girl I had ever met, I knew at that moment, it was time for a new roommate. She will never know that years later I named my sweet Meg after her.

I met KEVIN my senior year in college while home on summer vacation. He was a cute, blond, football player from school, and I was infatuated. On our first date, he told me he was a Christian and shared with me the good news of the Savior. Our dates that summer consisted of going to a Bible study, watching the Billy Graham Crusade on TV, and going to church. Although I appreciated the message, I was much more interested in the cute messenger at the time, and I was saddened as he kindly separated himself from me at the end of that summer. I didn’t understand it all then, but he knew it wasn’t right to continue dating an unbeliever.

Seeds had been planted in my heart, and that year I began attending church. I graduated that spring, moved to Bellevue, and began attending Darcy’s church where months later I came to know Jesus. In the days before social media, I lost touch with most of them. I would love to tell them who I am now and how their lives impacted mine.

Whose life will be impacted and whose story will you one day be a part of?

We all have people who left a trail of seeds that led us to the foot of the cross. Who are people God used in your "gospel" story?

Share your names & story here.