Make Your Step - Testimonies & Transitions

Following are examples shared by two people who took the next step. Having the "Tell Someone" challenge on their mind caused them to be proactive in looking for a chance to share. 

Story One: “…. Since then, my college friend and I have lived apart, and I have gotten back into church. God has really been putting her name in my mind during our "Tell Someone" series, and I decided to just get up the courage to start the conversation....It was truly scary to share with such a close friend, but I pray for her each day that she will find a meaningful relationship in Jesus going forward. Thanks for the challenge! It was what I needed to get moving and stop stalling.”

Story Two: “I had the opportunity to share with a friend at work. He was Mormon, but had left the Mormon Church and was just going through life with his wife with no belief or religious desires. I began asking questions as to what he believed and his thoughts on Christ. I left him with the blue card and told him that if he had any more questions that we could get together and talk.”

Usually, it’s in the ordinary day, with the people we know, where we find opportunities to “Tell Someone.” The challenge can be in transitioning the conversation to the spiritual. One of the easiest and most effective ways to transition into gospel conversations is to use questions that can play off of everyday normal interactions at work, school, in the gym, or neighborhood.

Example: There’s lots of opinion and discussion around the NFL players protest during the national anthem, so how can we use this to move conversation toward the gospel?

Probe with questions like, "What’s your take on the NFL players' protest?" "How do you think this protest can be resolved?"

Possible transition statements or questions:
• The freedom angle: "Do you believe freedom has any limits?"  "Is it okay to use our freedoms to treat other people with disrespect?"  "Have you ever heard of the two greatest commandments of life that Jesus Christ taught us?" (Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself).
• The golden rule angle: "I think if everyone employed Jesus’ golden rule (“do unto others…”), it would solve so many of our problems in society."  "Have you ever examined the life and teachings of Jesus Christ?"
• The God/government angle: "Have you ever heard how Jesus handled the potential conflict of respecting God and government?  He said, 'Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s (like the flag and national anthem), and to God the things that are God’s' (like using your God-given freedom to voice your opinions or protest in an honorable, peaceful, people-respecting way)."

Did you know there are over 100 people who have committed to the Tell Someone challenge?  Pray for each other. Keep sharing your stories (online link). 

Taking the "Next Move" with you,
Pastor Jeff