Don't Forget the Worldview Challenge

We are finding more and more people in our mission field who come from different worldviews.  A worldview is all about how people see and understand reality about the world they live in.  What is truth? What is right and wrong? Why do I exist? Where did I come from and where am I going?
How do we share the gospel across different cultures within our own culture?  The gospel message itself never changes, but the way it is presented may need to be customized to those with differing worldviews.
Watch this very informative and helpful tool recently recommended to me by Global Frontiers.  It uniquely helps us understand and navigate three main worldviews we encounter. 

Stay alert to the audience God brings into your life and be ready to customize God’s life-saving message to their particular worldview.
Remember, God’s gospel is a trans-cultural, multi-worldview message of truth and grace for anyone and everyone!