Do You Know What Non-Christians Wantfrom Faith Conversations?

New Poll reveals startling findings.

Read this quote slowly and thoughtfully: “However willing they may be, Christians’ ability to witness for Christ may be impeded by the simple fact that they don’t have meaningful relational connections with non-Christians, or the conversational skills necessary to talk meaningfully about faith.” (Conclusion to a Barna Research Report, February 19, 2019)

As you pray and seek to be a faithful gospel witness for the Lord, note some of the findings by Barna Research: Nearly all non-Christians (identify with a faith other than Christianity or no faith at all) and lapsed Christians (identify as Christian but have not attended church within the past month) have a friend or family member who practices and prioritizes Christianity—but these believers may not be their ideal conversation partners when it comes to faith. More than six in 10 non-Christians and lapsed Christians (62%) say they would be open to talking about faith matters with someone who listens without judgment—the top quality they value—but only one-third (34%) sees this trait in the Christians they know personally. Non-Christians' and lapsed Christians' hopes of talking with Christians who do not force conclusions (50% vs. 26%), demonstrate an interest in other people’s stories (29% vs. 17%), and are good at asking questions (27% vs. 16%), appear to go unfulfilled. Read Barna’s brief report here and ask yourself the following questions:Am I a good listener without judgment? Do I tend to force a conclusion when discussing the truthfulness of Christianity or the gospel message? Do I allow others to draw their own conclusions? Am I confident about sharing my own perspective on faith? Do I demonstrate an interest in other people’s stories or lives?

Sharing and listening with you,
Pastor Jeff

P.S. Since Easter is just around the corner (April 20-21), take note of the following research from Lifeway Research:

  • 51% say a personal invitation from a friend or neighbor from the church would be effective in getting them to visit. (slide 32 in theresearch document)

  • 55% say that a personal invitation from a family member would be effective in getting them to visit. (slide 34 in the research document)