It’s Summer: Look Around and Engage

It’s Summer: Look Around and Engage

Summertime always seems to be a greater opportunity to engage in gospel conversations.

  • There’s more light.

  • There are more people out and about.

  • There are more relaxed environments.

  • People seem happier and more relational.

Ask Questions – Strategic Questions – More Questions

One of the best ways to transition conversations is to ask questions. People seem more willing to answer some good, caring, non-intrusive questions than to just engage in small talk, so prepare yourself with some key questions to ask in all kinds of settings.

Take a look at the following questions and then start looking for opportunities to ask and see where the conversation leads. …

Doubting Your Ability To Share?

Doubting Your Ability To Share?

What If They Ask Me a Question I Can’t Answer?

We are living in a time when fewer people have a basic understanding of faith, so we need to be prepared for questions, criticisms, and general skepticism about Christianity.

Don’t be surprised if you hear things like: “Doesn't Christianity crush diversity?" "How can you take the Bible literally?" "Doesn't religion cause violence?" "Doesn't Christianity denigrate women?" "Isn't the Bible homophobic?" "Hasn't science disproved Christianity?" "How could a loving God allow suffering?" "How can you say there's only one true faith?" "How can you say God even exists?" and others.

Answer This Riveting Question...

Answer This Riveting Question...

Are you willing to do for the truth what the cults do for a lie?

Ever heard this question?
Ever stopped to consider its implications for your life?

If we have the only gospel truth that can save (and we do) and Satan is committed to spreading his damning lies through false religion (and he does), then what does that mean about me and my witness? Are we willing to allow Satan’s evangelists to out-share us?