Hope Ignited

David and Any are our missionaries located in Guatemala. David received his degree from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala and Senior Pastor certificate from the Theological Seminary of Central America.  His wife Any also received her degree from the same seminary. He has 14 years of formal training in the Church of the Nazarene and 10 years as a general pastor.
David is a conference administrator and international Bible teacher.  His messages are listened to in all of Guatemala and parts of Mexico.  He also has written articles for Christian magazines and newspapers.  David and his good friend and associate Oscar Garcia still hold yearly pastoral conferences country wide in Guatemala and other Central American countries.  The conferences are held twice a year with an average attendance of 600-800 pastors and leaders.  Together they strive to plant new churches in Guatemala at a rate of at least one church per year.  In the last six to seven years, David has been the pastor of a non-denominational Bible church in Guatemala City.  The church is in a very poor part of town with high unemployment and crime.  He has been training leaders to assist in the ministry and is now prepared to move forward with a greater emphasis on evangelism.  They are pursuing the purchase of a building to continue their ministry.
March 2011 Update (Ruth Maher from Christ’s Church):  David just started this new church in a shopping mall in Guatemala City.  He has 2 services about 600 or 900 people in attendance.  He said by the end of the year he expects to have 7 services on a given Sunday!  There is no other church for miles around.  This is a new facility they are in the process of buying.   For the last 5 years or so he has been training a group of men to be elders of this church, and he feels they are now ready, so is moving forward.
David and Any have two Children |  David Andres (1995)  |  Ana Margoth (1991)
PS:  Yes, David’s wife’s name is Any (not Amy)


Church Location (third level of a mall called GRAN PORTAL PETAPA)
Centro Comercial Portal Petapa |  45 Calle  |  Zone 12  |  Guatemala City, Guatemala