Sisters… Will you join us?

Hi friends!

We were thrilled to see all of you who were able to join us for our first Gathering this fall!  We had a wonderful evening of yummy treats and coffee provided by our own personal barista and baker, Kris Molnar! We love every morsel of whatever delight she has prepared for us! The evening could not have been any lovelier with our amazing table décor and comfy places to lounge and enjoy each other. Thank you, Dana and team! There were so many wonderful choices throughout the evening, from DIY party planning and Pinterest crafts to great discussions on issues that are relevant to all of us in this day, especially those cultural issues that are all around us.  

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I love most about The Gathering is seeing the gifting that God gives to each believer as we see the orchestration of His beauty working through His people. There are so many lovely women working behind the scenes to make this such a lovely evening.  What I do love most?  Perhaps it is the time we have to gather together on a Friday evening and love on one another. Our weekdays are so busy, and sometimes our Sundays are even busier.  I love the time we have to get to know one another, love one another, and encourage one another.  

We had a wonderful opportunity to challenge each other to live “countercultural” lives.  Here are a few things we learned:

  • The Bible teaches that manhood and womanhood exist to glorify God and to put the gospel of Jesus Christ on display.  
  • Gender does matter!  Genesis 1:27 says “And God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created him."
  • The Gospel is a love story.  God desires that our male and female relationships would tell this love story of the Gospel.  Our gender is centered in the work of Christ.
  • We can adorn the gospel by living lives that reflect the beauty of Christ to the world.
  • We concluded the evening with this thought, and one that we invite all sisters of Christ Church, young and old, to join us in:

We are challenging our sisters to join us, because we believe it is time for a quiet counter-revolution of women who intentionally and purposely live their lives according to God’s divine design.  

Our desire is that this revolution would continue to grow here at Christ’s Church, and that it would spread as Christian women unite together to ask “how can we more fully reflect the beauty of the gospel of Christ to our world?”

“We believe it is time for a movement -- a countercultural movement of men and women who dare to take God at His word -- men and women whose hearts are broken over the gender confusion and spiritual/emotional/relational carnage of our day, and who have the courage to believe and delight in God’s plan for male and female, and who will pray earnestly for an outpouring of God’s Spirit on our families, churches, community, and world. “  (Quote from True Woman 101 Nancy Lee Demoss)

Ladies, girls, sisters…Will you join us?

If you would like to learn more about this or would like to go deeper in your study or understanding, we have provided a few resources for you:

True Woman 101 and True Woman 201 are excellent studies on these very topics. We have books available for purchase.  You can call the church or buy one at our next Gathering. Books are $12.00.

There are excellent online videos that go along with these studies. 

Here is one we recommend on “Does Gender Matter?”

Another really interesting video that discusses how the feminist movement impacted Christian women is below.

Together with you!
Kim Moorehead