Conversation on 'Jesus Calling"

At our training day in Janruary we discussed how to approach someone who is using Jesus Calling as their devotional. Katrina & I (Teresa)  have had several conversations related to this topic. While this may not be an exact script, our discussions have gone something like this. We hope you will find some helpful tips here. Feel free to leave us comments and ideas. 

T: I saw a quote from Jesus Calling on Facebook. It was posted by a person I know, but she’s not really someone I talk to very often. Should I respond?

Katrina's Story

Our previous post left off with a review of our training, and a sentence about hearing how Katrina was able to apply what she had taught on, the very next day. Here's Katrina's story:

The day after our day of the training, I woke up in during night not feeling well. After hours of pain and vomiting, I asked Robert to take me to the “walk in clinic” at my doctor’s office. It was more of a “crawl in” since I could barely stand or walk. 

Principles of Biblical Interpretation

....My grandson likes to play the what if game. He will think of something that is not normal like “what if birds flew in water and fish swam in the air?” I respond by saying, “That is silly, then we would…” And then we would imagine what life would be like if that was true. We would have houses in the water and never need towels. It is a fun game. It makes us laugh a lot, so he is always trying to come up with something more outrageous. Last week he said, “What if people had Bibles but never read them?” 

The Bible (Bibliology) Part 1

Recently I was with a group of ladies, and we were discussing various spiritual topics. The importance of valuing the Bible came up, and one of the ladies said she had a high view of the Bible. The proof she gave was that she never let her Sunday school class put the Bible on the floor. After all it is the Word of God and should be treated with respect. I thought of all of the places where I had put my Bible that week, including the shelf in the bathroom at church and the floor of my car. 

discernment filter

This week we are continuing our discussion on discernment. I so appreciated what Kristy Henry shared at the gathering. She said that several people gave her advise and books to read after the death of her brother and that many of them were not biblical. The unsound counsel brought confusion and difficulty but the sound counsel brought comfort. 

Discernment, Do the Gray Areas Matter?

TERESA: Growing up, I viewed my ‘religion’ as a lot of rules. As a young teenager, I felt burdened with a list of do’s and don’ts. Seeing other people fail to keep the rules then trying to hide their failures, I became cynical and viewed many Christians as hypocrites. I used their behavior as an excuse to make my own set of rules. My ‘rules’ throughout my teen years were things like: do what you want, when you want, at the moment; do what makes you feel good and happy. By the time I was in my early 20’s, I realized ...

A Conversation on Discernment

Recently Teresa & Katrina had a discussion on discernment. Teresa was a little confused on some of the words that were being tossed around.  Have you ever been confused by the terms theology, doctrine, discernment? Would you be able to define them?

The conversation went something like what is written below. Grab a cup of coffee and read it, imagining you are part of the conversation.  Anywhere you would want to join the conversation, write your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom.  We can use this blog as one means to dialogue together as we firm up some foundational truths and journey this path to spiritual maturity and growth in Christ-likeness together. 

Discernment: Romans 12:2

This is our first week for the new leadership training. I am excited to begin this learning process with you!  The format we will be following is one chapter from the True Woman 201 book and then one doctrinal topic or truth from God’s word. The topic we will focus on this month is DISCERNMENT. This is such an important topic for us. Everyday we are bombarded with ideas, thoughts and choices. We need discernment to understand issues from God’s perspective and to sort out truth from error and good from bad. As we grow in discernment, it can remove some of the confusion in decision making. In some ways it can make life simpler and we all need that don’t we?!