Discernment: Romans 12:2

This is our first week for the new leadership training. I am excited to begin this learning process with you!  The format we will be following is one chapter from the True Woman 201 book and then one doctrinal topic or truth from God’s word. The topic we will focus on this month is DISCERNMENT. This is such an important topic for us. Everyday we are bombarded with ideas, thoughts and choices. We need discernment to understand issues from God’s perspective and to sort out truth from error and good from bad. As we grow in discernment, it can remove some of the confusion in decision making. In some ways it can make life simpler and we all need that don’t we?!

We will read the first chapter in the True Woman 201 book together. The first chapter will also be the focus for The Gathering this month. Please read the chapter and answer the questions. The chapter is broken down by day, so you could read a section every other day in order to be able to finish the chapter before the night of The Gathering. The goal is that you would be encouraged and strengthened by this, not overwhelmed with another task. We also will have opportunities to discuss it on line and in groups. You may post any comments, questions or things you'd like to discuss on this blog.

There are videos available for each chapter - (Videos by Chapter)..

Some important key points from the book are:

  • Discernment, grounded in a clear understanding of God’s word, is the first critical element of true womanhood.
  • The teaching you believe determines the way you live.
  • Discernment is the skill of understanding and applying the word of God, with the purpose of separating truth from error and right from wrong.
  • Discernment is a skill that must be practiced to be improved.

Discernment can help us navigate well through the difficult decisions we face each day. It can help us to see the subtle differences between things that are true and things that are only partially true.  There is great danger in partial truth. When we know the truth, we will recognize that which is not true. Reading, meditating on, and applying the word of God are needed to grow in discernment. It can be encouraging to know discernment is a skill that comes with practice and something that we can grow in.

Praying for us all to grow in the skill of discernment and applying the word of God. Looking forward to discussing the chapter with all of you. We will send you an article next week to dig deeper into this topic.