Attributes of the Bible (Bibliology) Part 2

by Katrina Costales

Our last post was an overview of the Bible, the most powerful tool we have for knowing God and obediently and fruitfully growing in our walk with Him. This week we are going to look at  four attributes of the Bible.

The first is that it is infallible and inerrant. This means the Bible in the original manuscript is without error or mistakes in its entirety and in all its parts. It basically means that it is true. Because a perfect God is the Author, we should expect that the Bible is without error. The truthfulness of scripture and of God are linked and inseparable. What that means for us is that the Word of God is the one unchanging, reliable source of truth, our plumb line for life, and where we look for answers. It is a reliable guide for life because every word is true. It does not mean every application or interpretation of scripture is true, but that the Bible is true and what it says is true. It does not change with time or opinion. It is the standard that our thoughts and feelings must be conformed to so they can be true and correct.

The second attribute of the Bible is authoritative. As the Word of God, the Bible carries the authority of God. “Thus saith the Lord.” It contains clear commands that all humanity are commanded to obey. And  as children of God, we delight to obey. What this means for us is that we don't get to argue against it. It is not a mere suggestion, but a directive, and when disobeyed results in consequences. It is to be listened to and obeyed. Tradition or culture or my opinions or what seems to work do not have final authority - the Word of God does.

The third is the Bible is sufficient. It is all that we need for life and godliness. We don't need to turn anywhere other than the Bible to find answers for how to live. It won't tell us how to construct a house of wood, but it will tell us how to construct a spiritual house and what our priorities need to be. It is not outdated ideas. There is no need to add or subtract legalism or license to the Bible to make the it relevant to our culture today. We should expect that all scripture is relevant for all of life and godliness. It should be the place we look to find answers. 2 Peter 1:3 tells us we have everything we need to know about living a life to please God. We should not mix it with psychology or the latest ideas of our culture to know how we need to live. We should be cautious of any teaching that tells us we need additional revelation from God, even in a still small voice.

The fourth is the Bible is powerful. There is no other book that can bring life from death and transform a hard heart. In the words of scripture, there is power that is not found in the mere words of man. God promises that he will use His Word with the power of the Holy Spirit to change, to convict, to teach, to instruct, to transform us to be like His Son.  (Isaiah 55:10-11)

Do I value the Bible as powerful, authoritative, sufficient truth, or do my actions show I believe something different than what I say I believe? 

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