Review of January 9, 2016 Training

I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet together at our training on Jan. 9. We covered a lot of information. 
-Katrina Costales

REVIEW OF 1.9.16 Training

We reviewed the training from our first meeting in September. We talked about the motivation and foundation for fulfilling the call to be a Titus 2 woman. That is through SOUND DOCTRINE. We discussed the PATTERN, PRIORITY, PURPOSE and then the PRACTICE of sound doctrine.

In the January training we went further in the book of Titus and covered the doctrines of salvation. The gracious work of God in the doctrines of salvation has changed everything, the past (we have been changed), present (we are being changed), and future (we will be changed). We have power, motivation and expectation to grow in Christ likeness today. The grace of God and the word of God transforming our mind and our emotions are the by product. What we believe will impact our emotions and our behavior. The doctrines of salvation intersect with everyday life because what makes sound doctrine sound is not just biblical accuracy but that it is useful & practical for life.

The understanding and application of biblical truth results in a life that honors God, transforms our thinking, our behavior and our emotions, and empowers us to influence the world around us. In our families, neighborhoods, at work and in intentional mentoring relationships older women with younger women walking through life together. It is not to make us scholarly or smart it is to make us holy to make us like Jesus, which is the doctrine of progressive salvation.

The key thought was: We want to remember what the grace of God has done in our lives: that we have been changed by God’s grace and that same grace motivates and empowers us to grow in Christ likeness & live lives that are pleasing to God. And as we live this way the good deeds (fruit) of our changed lives will influence others to live godly lives and bring glory to God.

We also had a great discussion about the book “Jesus Calling”. We completed a journal entry together. I'm so thankful your willingness to share so we could practically discuss things that we all struggle with at some level. I gave you homework to put what we talked about into practice and to share with others. (Remember, there is information in our previous post.) 

Check back next week to see how I got the opportunity to put some of these principles it into practice just a day later. 

Be praying for Katrina as she recovers from an emergency appendectomy. Our next post will fill you in on her story, and how, in this 'real life' experience,  she was able to apply the principles she taught.