A Few Resources from our Training

Ladies, January 9th was such a purposeful training day. We learned, we had sweet fellowship and prayerfully we are "yo-yo-ing" our way up the stairs of change (or progressive sanctification as Katrina would say.) 

I know that I (Teresa) need to grow in the area of courage and confidence to discern and trust the word to be the source of authority, and to share with others. We can practice that together, with each other, with grace. Let's report how it goes! 

Post your questions and comments or email us directly. We will post some devotional resources soon, so check back. 

Katrina: rkcostales@msn.com  
Teresa: tgeorge0000@aol.com  

Here are a few of the resources we made available in your folders. 

Coming up at Christ's Church:

There are a few things coming up that will help train and equip you in the area of progressive sanctification, and your leadership.

Practical Theology | Counsel yourself and others from the bible (register)

Beginning January 31, Jim Low is teaching a Life Development class during second service called:

counseling in community (information)

January 23, from 8:30-11:30 am there is a training seminar for life group and team leaders (you are all included) Called "Counseling in Community. 

Both of these opportunities will provide excellent biblical training, and a chance to meet and fellowship with others in the body of Christ's Church. 

Jan. 9, 2016: Our second leadership training session

Jan. 9, 2016: Our second leadership training session