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Ever OK to Lie? Schindler and the Hebrew Wives (Clint Archer)

Lying, to save an innocent life? To save your own life? Is lying ever okay?

Expect More From Young Men (Jim Hamilton)

Let's help young men to have a godly vision for their lives. Let’s adjust our vision first, and then train our young men to realize their purpose and potential.

The Lesson That Saved My Marriage (Kendra Dahl)

Wives, when you hear teaching on husbands being all God called them to be, do you become critical? What do you do when you hear teaching of what God calls the wife to be?


Self-Examination Speaks a Thousand Lies (Jared Mellinger - desiringgod.org)

When does self-examination harm you rather than help you? How can the gospel keep us on the right track?

Excellent Reads & Life Change Resource

Excellent Reads

Self-Examination Speaks a Thousand Lies (Jared Mellinger)

Self examination may be necessary at times. But if it takes you away from the foot of the cross, it's evil. How do we 'brighten' the room?

Opposing the Transgender Craze (John Stonestreet)

Christians are always at their best, not only when they stand for truth, but when they care for victims.Here's an opportunity for us to care for the victims of the cultures bad ideas. http://bit.ly/2sjqpz5

The Transgender Revolution and the Rubble of Empty Promises (Russell Moore)

If we see ourselves as “losing” a culture rather than being sent on mission to a culture, we will be outraged and hopeless instead of compassionate and convictional. If we do not love our mission field, we will have nothing to say to it.

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9 Things You Should Know About Ramadan (Joe Carter)

Since there are 1.6 billion muslims in the world, Christians should understand some things about their faith. #ccfwreads http://bit.ly/2rdrO8U

How to Read the News Like a Christian (Scott Slayton)

We used to read or watch the news a couple of times a day. But now, we get a steady stream of headlines from social media. At every turn, a news headline that scares or angers you begs for your attention. How do Christians process the constant barrage of news and information at our fingertips?

Exhausted Mom, Lift Your Eyes (Stacy Reaoch)

Being a mom can be hard! How do we capture a vision for motherhood that inspires and encourages women in the various seasons of raising a family?


Psychology vs Bible (Randy Alcorn)

"Is man's fundamental problem ignorance of ourselves and our psychic injuries, or is it disobedience to and rebellion against our Creator and Judge?"

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Five Essential Reasons for Christians to Gather in Public Worship (Brian Croft)

"When listening to sermons online takes the place of gathering with God's people to hear God's Word in person, from the appointed shepherd of your soul, much of what God intended for our growth as followers of Jesus gets lost."


Why I Don't Want to Raise an Obedient Child (Lyette Reback)

We all want our children to be obedient. But, is that all we want them to be? Here's a mom of 15 kids with some words of wisdom on the subject.


Survey: On Most Moral Issues Americans Are More Permissive Than Ever (Joe Carter)

Many people in America identify themselves as Christians. Some of these people support activities that the Bible specifically prohibits. What if we said, "You can't be obedient to Christ and consider behavior He abhors and condemns to be 'morally acceptable'."

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The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church (Tim Challies)

There's more to committing to a local church than going to church on Sunday. We are a Christian community. We are committing ourselves to other people through all of life.

Two Surprising Reasons People Leave the Faith (J.D. Greear)

Our belief problems are not primarily intellectual problems. Instead, our belief problems are mainly heart problems.

Are You Teachable? Learning for Life (Phil Jenkins)

Are you still learning? The Christian life is a journey; it’s a pilgrim’s progress. Above all it is progress in a living, growing relationship with Jesus.


How to Respond to Difficult People (Caroline Newheiser)

Difficult people. They're all around us, and sometimes they are us. How should we respond to them?

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Generation Gap Regarding Morality (LIfeWay Research)

Our current generation tends to believe right & wrong are relative. The older generation believes right & wrong don't change. The generations are not on the same page when it comes to morality. What does that mean?


Sleep Disorders and the Glory of God (Eric Davis)

{A good night's sleep?} Do you or someone you know struggle with sleep? With sleeplessness comes unique suffering. Perhaps we could benefit if we brush up on both the struggles and glories of sleep disorders.


A Prayer for the Mom Who’s Worn (Christian Fox)

Motherhood is a gift. There are joyful days and days that wear you down.  If you are  tired and worn, this prayer is for you.


How to Talk With Someone About Sin (Edward T. Welch)

Why would we talk to someone about their sin? How should we do it?



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Yikes: Americans are Fond of the Bible, Don’t Actually Read It (Lifeway Research)

The stats may surprise you, or represent you. Although Americans have a positive view of the Bible, more than half of Americans have read little or none of the Bible.

Is the Enemy of My Enemy My Friend? (Albert Mohler)

In a time of cultural conflict, the enemy of our enemy may well be our friend. But, with eternity in view and the gospel at stake, the enemy of our enemy must not be confused to be a friend to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“13 Reasons Why” is Deceptive and Destructive (Trevin Wax)

13 Reasons Why compounds a problem it is trying to fix, perhaps because it has no eternal solution to offer. For those who have entertained thoughts of suicide or who have friends who know the darkness of this despair, hope remains. But it will not be found on Netflix. Let's offer grace & hope.


When the Hard Conversation is Necessary (Pastor Kevin Carson)

How does ENCOURAGE relate to confrontation?

Excellent Reads & Life Change

10 Ugly Numbers Describing Pornography Use in 2017 (Tim Challies)

An eye opening article on the reality of pornography. Not just men, not just adults. What can we do?

You Can’t Raise Snowflakes in Jesus’ Name (David Prince) 

Is it a crisis? Or is it life? Here are some helpful tips for parents & anyone with kids in their lives!  

A High School Counselor’s Tips on Parenting Teenagers (Leia Joseph)

Parenting may be challenging. Their pain may be your pain, tenfold. Be faithful by loving and caring for them today, and trust that the Lord will ultimately write a better story for your child than you could ever imagine.


My Love-Hate Relationship with "Let Go and Let God" (J.A. Medders)

"Let go and let God." Really? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

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The Unavoidable Messiness of Being Human Part 1 (Clint Archer)

A Pastor learned, from preaching on Lev. 15, being human can be messy. Today, and the following days, read about 3 messy realities so that you grasp how unavoidable your uncleanness is and how much you need a Savior to clean you. 

The Unavoidable Messiness of Being Human Part 2 (Clint Archer)

From Lev. 15: God made us messy and then calls us unclean because He wants us to long to be fixed. He designed us to constantly be aware that our leaky bodies are broken, malfunctioning, marred by the Fall, even when they are in “perfect health.”

The Unavoidable Messiness of Being Human Part 3 (Clint Archer)

Lev. 15: The reason God gave you a broken, leaky, smelly body is because he wants you to realize you need fixing, you need cleaning up, and that it only comes through Jesus Christ. Christ’s death on the cross is what makes us clean, and his resurrection from the dead started a process that brings about our resurrection to a glorified, perfect body.


A Short Primer on Depression (Lou Priolo)

Depression is an all too common problem with many causes. Priolo gives a clear overview of the issue. From link, choose "A Short Primer on Depression."

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China’s Horrific Admission (Joe Carter)  

China. Abortions. The magnitude of the crime is incomprehensible to the human imagination. Only God can truly fathom the depths of this depravity and only God can truly apprehend the magnitude of this loss.

5 Christian Clichés that Need to Die (Matt Smethurst)

We've probably all said them. Christian clichés. While the heart behind these five mantras is often genuine, they are all unhelpful for one overriding reason: they are unbiblical.

4 Thoughts on Persecution in America (Kevin DeYoung)

Persecution? if we faithfully follow Jesus in this world we all will face persecution at some point in our Christian discipleship. Even American Christians—if they are really Christians—will have crosses to carry.


4 Truths to Help People Frightened By the News (Dr. Jeff Forrey)

Worried by the news these days? Fearful of what life may hold? Dr. Forrey tells us that "inappropriate fear is momentary atheism that denies God's goodness, His ability, and His plan." What do you think?

Excellent Reads & Life Change

The Benedict Option Can’t Save Your Faith or Your Family (Luma Simms)

The Benedict Option. Does it lead to gospel amnesia or a flourishing Christian culture?

Why Christians Should Care About Bioethics (Joe Carter)

The first article of a series that will be published monthly on bioethics. Before looking at individual issues, let’s first consider five reasons why Christians have a particular responsibility to understand and be involved in bioethics.

Where Did the “Billy Graham rule” Come From? (Justin Taylor)

Regarding Billy Graham...A recent Washington Post profile of Vice President Mike Pence quoted a 2012 piece which said “he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife.” Not surprisingly, revelation of this practice was met with a fair bit of mockery and criticism online. {SOME HISTORY....}


The Gift of Singleness (Jayne Clark)

Is the "gift" of singleness a spiritual gift, like those found in 1 Corinthians 12? If not, what is its purpose?

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The Gathering Storm: Religious Liberty in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution (Al Mohler)

These are days that will require courage, conviction, and clarity of vision. What is at stake?

Who Are ‘The Least of These’? (Kevin DeYoung)

These verses are about caring for the needy. But who are the needy?

Stop Slandering Public School Teachers (Tim Challies)

Speak the truth in love. Not from fear, from reality.

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Excellent Reads & Life Change

5 Reasons Why Christians Should Study History (Chris Behrz) 

Study history and learn to ask questions, seek (complicated) answers, feel empathy, and act prudently. But do all these things in humility, by the grace of the One whose power is made perfect in our weakness.

3 Questions to Consider Before You Share (Elizabeth Garn)

How we speak reflects how we love. And be assured, the world is listening. Before you share your opinion, whether online or in a conversation, here are three questions to consider...

What is the Benedict Option? (Wyatt Graham)

"The Benedict Option" is getting attention even before it's been released. What is it? The BenOpt is not a call to enter into a monastery but strategic retreat into Christian community. It’s a call to live in an intentional way to survive the oncoming cultural onslaught. 

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Risks of Atrophied Sanctification (Eric Davis)

When you break a bone, a muscle may become weak due to low use. The same can occur spiritually in the lives of Christian. If we fail to give attention to our spiritual lives.

Something Profound in Our Generation (Ray Ortlund)

According to Francis Shaffer, the pathway back into the prophetic power of apostolic Christianity is answered in two ways, through this question, "What is the Christian’s task in the world today?" 

The Religion of Secularism(Burk Parsons)

Secularism is not only a problem out there in the culture, it is something we must fight in our hearts, our homes, and our churches. We are too easily tempted to forget God and to avoid conflict with the world.


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Jonathan Edwards had a remarkable ability (giftedness) to portray for his congregation what it means to have a sanctified, heavenly minded devotion to God.



There are people, made in the image of God, who feel confusion about who they are. The debate is not the same as the person. We may not have patience with agendas, we must have patience with people.


Why do people hate hypocrites? (Oliver-Burkeman)

Yale psychologist Jillian Jordan and her colleagues made a persuasive case for a reason of why wee hypocrites. 


Discontentment Says Something About You, Not Your Circumstances (Philip Graham Ryken)

Do you think your "wants" are really your needs? Israel did. Grumbling about their circumstances was a besetting sin for Israel. What did that say about their hearts?

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For Lent, Give Up Lent (Jesse Johnson)

{LENT} some background and history of its meaning. Perhaps there's a better way to spiritually prepare for Easter?

Pursue God, Not Pornography (Message by Denny Burk)

A 36 minute message (AUDIO OR VIDEO) by Denny Burk, on pornography. "Pornography is such a pervasive evil. It is eviscerating our civilization and even our churches..."

Flipping Sides on Roe v Wade: Norma McCorvey’s Repentance (Clint Archer)

We watch TV shows about 'flipping' houses. Have you thought about 'flipping' sides in the issue of sin? Conviction comes through intervention of the Holy Spirit. Conviction and repentance came to Norma McCovey (Jane Roe).


The Practice of Being Alone Together (Robin Baker)

There's no getting away from it these days, but how is technology changing who we are as people?

Excellent Reads & Life Change Resource

Subtle Ways to Abandon the Authority of Scripture in Our Lives (D.A. Carson) 

A more 'technical' article that lists ten subtle ways to abandon the authority of Scripture in our lives. So relevant for today and worth the read.

You Are My Joy: The Deep Reward in Discipling Others (David Mathis)

One time John Piper asked his father, “Daddy, what would you say, in a word, is the key to a lifetime of happiness?” His father didn’t even hesitate... Read about his answer. Would you say the same?

Why I Won’t Be Seeing (or Reviewing) The Shack Movie (Tim Challies)

Tim Challies had concluded that watching and reviewing The Shack would be an unwise and even sinful spiritual decision for him. Your thoughts?

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White House Battle: Religious Liberty or LGBT Rights? (Denny Burk)

Everyone seems so distracted by the refugee order and the nomination of Neil Gorsuch that they are missing a looming threat. There is a controversy brewing in the White House that religious voters had better start paying attention to protect religious liberty.

10 Myths About Africa Many Americans Believe (Amy Medina)

Have some preconceived ideas about Africa? Here are 10 myths about Africa many people believe. Do you?

7 False Teachers in the Church Today (Tim Challies)

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:15-16a). False teachers take on many forms. . Here are seven of them you will find carrying out work in the church today.


3 Things to Remember About Your (Imperfect) Marriage (Paul David Tripp)

What are the basic wisdom views in Scripture that let us have realistic marital expectations?

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What Does It Mean to Be a Judge? The Answer of Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch (Justin Taylor)

Learn more about the Honorable Neil M. Gorsuch (a 49-year-old judge in the Tenth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals) whom President Donald Trump announced tonight that he will nominate as a Justice on the Supreme Court, replacing the recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia (1936-2016).

Lord, Fill Me with Your Spirit (Jon Bloom) 

When we pray to ask God to fill us with the Holy Spirit, what are we asking God for? 

How to Respond to the Refugee Crisis  (David Platt) 

The refugee crisis? What should we do? How shall we live in light of a God who reigns sovereignly over all things, who orchestrates the movement of all peoples, who has established government as a general means for the protection of all people, who calls the church to provide for his people, and who seeks, shelters, serves, and showers the refugee with his grace? Here are some thoughts.


 When world views collide (Ellen Castillo)

Everyone struggles with something. Is the hope you offer based on humanistic psychology or the inspired Word of God? 

Excellent Reads & Life Change Resource

Scientifically When Does Human Life Begin (Justin Taylor) 

Three distinguished and brilliant professors... have responded to the idea that there is no scientific consensus regarding the beginning of human life. They point out that “there have been countless scientific monographs and scholarly articles—in embryology, developmental biology, and genetics—explicitly affirming that a human being at the earliest stage of development comes to be at fertilization."

The Women’s March has a Doctrinal Statement (Denny Burk) 

In advance of the march, the organizers published a doctrinal statement titled “Unity Principles.” Anyone who departed from the doctrinal statement was not allowed to “partner” with the march. Here’s a snippet...

10 Things You Should Know About Sanctification (Sam Storms)  

We all hear a great deal about Christian sanctification, but what precisely is it, and how does it work? Today we look at ten things about this crucial biblical truth.