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Racial Reconciliation: What we Agree and Disagree On (Kevin DeYoung)  

Black-White is the racial relationship most fraught with pain and difficulty in American history. This post focuses on the relationship between African Americans and white descendants of Western European nations (i.e., people like me).  Perhaps working through an imperfect list like this can help us see how much we do agree on already and help us clarify what our continuing arguments are really about.

Make It Easy for Your Kids to Love God (Ray Ortlund) 

Does your home make it easy for your kids to love God?  

10 Things You Should Know About Suffering (Dave Furman) 

Suffering? Have a friend who is suffering? We need to realize that God is in control over all our circumstances . . . and He is good.



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The Dead End of Sexual Sin (Rosario Champagne Butterfield) 

“How should we think about sin that has become a daily part of our identity?”

Is the Bible Enough for Us? – Sufficiency (Eric Davis)

Likely most Christians would confess that the Bible is sufficient. But, what does that look like? How adequate is the Bible for issues pertaining to life and godliness? What are the practical ramifications of inerrancy? Has God really given us enough in these multi-millennia old books to address our modern conundrums?

Why are Christian Women More Religious Than Christian Men? (Joe Carter)  

As a study conducted by the Pew Research Center finds, based on a broad range of factors, Christian women in the United States express a higher level of religiosity and religious commitment than Christian men.



six lessons in good listening (david mathis)

When you listen, are you really just waiting  for the time when you can speak? Is it a challenge for you to be "quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger"?

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Here are nine things you should know about this largely forgotten group and the effect they’ve had on America.  (Joe Carter) 

Rajneeshees. Here are nine things you should know about this largely forgotten group and the effect they’ve had on America.  

10 Things You Should Know about Sex (Paul David Tripp)

Sex. God’s creative intention was to bring glory to himself by the pleasures he created.

Are you Godly Enough to Watch Smut? (Tim Challies) 

Smut. We carry the expectation that as we grow in grace, we’ll grow in our ability to enjoy sex on the silver screen


Life has not been easy (Tim Challies)

I grumble. Don't you? Complaining is so easy to do, but it is a sin. It's saying you disagree with what God is doing. Here are some ideas for combating this pervasive temptation.

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On the Imminent Collapse of Evangelical Christianity (Trevin Wax) 

Instead of reacting to negative reports as if we were Chicken Little, we need to look up to the sky, consider this moment in which we are called to be faithful, and ask the piercing question, "What is God doing in these tremendous events of our time?"

The Gift of a God-Fearing Grandma (Erica Owen) 

Grandmothers, do not underestimate your influence over your grandkids. What they see you value and the priorities that shape your day are teaching them. What you talk about, and who you talk to, communicates as well.

5 Signs of the Times (Josh Buice) 

We are living in a day that is consumed with the desire to see signs and wonders of God. Miracle hunters fill stadiums in search of signs and wonders that would amaze them or heal them or satisfy their curiosity about the existence of God. Does God still perform miracles in our day? 



Is CBT actually consistent with Scripture's understanding of motivation and change? While it may look very similar on the surface, CBT and the biblical process of change are, in fact, very different.

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Why is the Abortion Industry Run by Women? (Rebekah Merkle) 

We can’t debate our way out of this madness because self-destructive frenzy can only be dealt with by prayer and fasting. Rational arguments and reasoned discourse don’t work on insanity. But we can look to Christ who is certainly capable of taking us by the hand and lifting us up.

4 Things to Remember After You Have Sinned (Adriel Sanchez) 

If you have been tempted to believe that God is done with you because of your failures, consider your advocate, Jesus, who is praying for you and guides you with his pierced hands.

What I Learned on My Week Long Digital Fast (Kevin DeYoung) 

How would you do with a one week digital fast? A professor (and his family) decided to take the challenge with his students. Read the rules they followed and the results he experienced. 



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How God Changes Hearts for His Glory (Michael Reeves)

When the Father sends his Spirit to open blind eyes to the glories of Christ and to melt proud hearts, then hearts will indeed be won, and hatred for God turned to love. The means God uses are his own Word and truth.

8 Ways to Welcome People with Disabilities into Your Church (Heather Peacock)

For people with disabilities, taking part in church life can be difficult. The mother of a girl who has faced some significant health challenges gives ideas on how to do a better job of welcoming people with disabilities into the church. 

The Insanity of Leaning on Our Own Understanding (Jon Bloom)

In exercising faith — trusting fully in the Lord and not leaning on our own understanding — we’re not setting aside our intellect. We’re resting our intellect upon the intellect of God. Nothing is wiser or saner.



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Sing Your Heart Out at Church (Even if You Hate the Music) Brett McCracken

We may have different worship-style comfort zones, but we’re worshiping the same God. That’s why, whether we’re Presbyterian or Pentecostal, we shouldn’t let our worship preferences get in the way of our worship participation.

5 Things Singles Wish Married Couples Knew (Jennifer Grisham) 

Ask your single friends what being single means to them. Try to understand their experiences. Be a safe person to talk with. Married couples, love your single friends well. They’ll thank you for it.

9 Bible Verses for Depression to Shine Light into Darkness (Stephen Altrogge) 

There are scriptures for depression. These verses shine light into dark places, give hope to the hopeless, and allow the depressed person to have God’s perspective rather than their own dismal view.


This One Commitment Will Keep Your Marriage Together (Kevin Carson)

What is one thing you can do to keep your marriage from failing? (It might not be what you think.)

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11 Statistical Tips for a Health Marriage (Facts & Trends) 

Millions of Americans celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. Here are several statistical facts that can help a marriage start off healthy and stay that way for the long run.

4 Grave Dangers in Every Sin (Tim Challies) 

Don’t be deceived. You can’t sin without consequence. That’s not the way God has structured his world. It’s not the way God has structured his people.

Right and Wrong Ways to Pray (Clint Archer) 

If something is important to you, you will research how to ask for it properly. But often when people want something from God, they put no thought into how to frame their petitions. They assume God will accept any request, from anyone, in any format. Here are six insights on the wrong way to pray.



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5 Ways Satan Seeks to Undermine Gospel Work Among Muslims (Randy Alcorn) 

Over the past 27 years, many Muslims have come to Christ. However, 98% are still living in deception. Let us stay on the alert and be aware of Satan’s schemes. Let’s pray for workers to take the good news to Muslims.

Who Watches Porn? 3 Key Predictors of Porn Use (Jay Stringer)

Sexual brokenness can lead to redemption. The journey to freedom begins through identifying the reasons that bring you to it and addressing them. Jay Stringer identifies three predictors of pornography  use he found in his study group of men and women.

9 Things You Should Know About the Winter Olympics (Joe Carter) 

 The 2018 Winter Olympic officially started in PyeongChang, South Korea. Do you know the history of the Winter Olympics? Read about the origin, the reviving, some interesting facts and more in this article by Joe Carter.



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Cultural Indicators: The Fertility Rate (Joe Carter)

What does a decline in the fertility rate mean to our country? What does it mean for the Christian community? Let’s be prepared for upcoming ministry opportunities to our elderly population.

Spiritual Practices Common to Kids Who Flourish as Adults (Trevin Wax) 

Concerned about raising children that have a real and lasting faith? Don’t underestimate the Spirit’s power to work through the environment you create for your home. Here are some things to consider as you raise your children.


How to Seize Your Commute as a Christian (David Qaoud)

Time spent in the car may seem wasted and frustrating. Consider how you can use your car time for spiritual growth. Here are some suggestions. What has worked for you?



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What About the Most Contested Verse in the Gender Debate? (Denny Burk)  

We can have opinions, experience, rational. The bottom line for us is, “What does the Bible say? Whose reading of scripture is correct? How then are we to order our lives together in churches as we meet together for worship?”

The Incredible Testimony as a Former Gymnast Confronts Her Sexual Abuser in Court (Justin Taylor)  

What she said directly to the man—who gratified himself off of her innocence and abused countless other girls in a malicious and manipulative way—is an incredible testimony to the grace and justice of Jesus Christ.

5 Lies Christians Tell About Money (Chris Cagle) 

Finances. They can be challenging! Most can offer reasons (or excuses) for their decisions. Yet often they’re acting based on misconceptions about what Scripture teaches. We need to have an accurate, comprehensive view of biblical personal finance. To that end, here are five common misconceptions....



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What does the Bible Teach about Abortion? (Jesse Johnson) 

Take a look at eight biblical truths about abortion.

5 Verses Used to Justify Abortion (Jesse Johnson) 

He claims to be a Christian. Four years ago he began serving his life-sentence for the murders he committed as an abortion doctor in Philadelphia. From jail he wrote a biblical defense of abortion doctors.Read more about Dr. Kermit Gosnel and his twisted and misguided ideas.

How You Can Resolve to Help the Vulnerable This Year (Christ Britton) 

God values the vulnerable, and one of the ways we can be more like him is to care for the vulnerable ones around us. Here are a few ways to help the vulnerable. #ccfwreads http://bit.ly/2FXutJl



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Blank Slate: Forgive us our Debts as We Forgive (Clint Archer) 

Ask forgiveness daily, and grant forgiveness lavishly, and pray with a clear conscience: Forgive us our sins for we forgive those who are indebted to us. This will help you enjoy the blessing of a clean slate.


6 Cracks in a Secular Worldview (Rebecca McLaughlin) 

When our friends hear the claims of Jesus, they wonder why we’d believe such fantastical things when there is a perfectly rational, coherent view of the world available to us. But if we look at the secular ground on which we supposedly all stand, we’ll realize it’s more like pack ice floating away from land. And there are cracks in the ice. Here are six of them. 


4 Reason Contract Surrogacy Should Not Be Legal in Washington State (Joseph Blackholm)

A short video of Family Policy Institute President, Joseph Backholm, talking about 4 Reasons Contract Surrogacy should not be legal In Washington state.



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In 2018, Don’t Forget Humility (Eric Davis) 

When making your goals for the new year, have you considered taking some steps towards the virtue?

15 Gospel-Centered Marriage Books on Communication, Conflict Resolution and Forgiveness (Bob Kellemen) 

Looking to grow in your marriage? Or help someone who is struggling? Here are some resources that may help.  

The 100 Most Influential “Evangelicals” in America (Tim Challies) 

Newsmax compiled a list of the 100 most influential evangelicals in America? What does this list reflect?



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Bible Reading Plans for 2018 

Why not make a plan to read the Bible everyday in 2018? Here are several ideas to help you get started. #ccfwreads http://bit.ly/2CfprXc

3 Ways to Share the Gospel (Matt Smethurst) 

Let's be intentional in 2018. People need to hear the good news about Jesus Christ, and there is no one-size-fits-all prescription for how that has to happen. It just has to happen.

18 Prayers to Pray for Unbelievers (Tim Challies) 

You may want to print this out to guide you as you pray for the unbelievers in your life.


Three Ways to Conquer Worry (Greg Laurie)

Worry is the termite gnawing its way through our joy. Is it inevitable? Is it really such a bad thing? What can help eradicate it?

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The Confusion at Christmas (video by John MacArthur) 

John MacArthur answers the question: "How do God’s people keep His Son at the center of their Christmas celebrations? And how do we avoid the worldly temptations and influences that ramp up at this time of the year?" 

He Lay in the Manger Without Leaving Heaven (Gavin Ortlund) 

The miracle we celebrate each year at Christmas (the incarnation, when the Son of God became a man) raises a question about this theology. Was he still omnipresent in, say, the year AD 10, while walking around Nazareth as a boy? Or what about while he was a baby — can we really imagine that, at the same time, he filled the entire universe, governing every quark and star?  

How to Annoy Unbelievers Less This Christmas (Clint Archer) 

Are you expecting to celebrate Christmas with unbelievers? How do you respond in that situation? Paul said to expect unbelievers to behave like unbelievers. Here's some biblical insight.



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Christian Baker Jack Phillips Gets His Day in Court (Denny Burk)  

What will the supreme court decide? If the court gets this right, it will have gone a long way to upholding our first freedom in the Bill of Rights. If the court gets this wrong, it will have gone a long way to undermine it.

How You Can Reveal the Glory of Christ to Others (Amy K. Hall)

"...biggest divide between Christians and non-Christians is not whether or not they think Christianity is true but whether or not they think Christianity is beautiful....Everything we say and do is an opportunity to reveal His glory to others."

Joy to the World: A Christmas Hymn Reconsidered (Alyssa Poblete) 

We sing "Joy to the World" at Christmas but is it really a song about the birth of Jesus? Read more of the story about the song and the writer.  



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9 Things You Should Know About Sexual Misconduct (Joe Carter) 

We have been hearing allegations of sexual misconduct. Here different forms are explained.   

Sexual Assault and the Scandal of Repentance (Trevin Wax) 

How should the church respond to the sexual offender? The church must be unflinching in its naming of sin. And yet the church must also not shrink back from the call to repentance.

What Does #MeToo Have to Do with You? (Laurie Nichols) 

#MeToo is a cry both to be known and to be known collectively. We are better together than we are apart. Those of us who have carried silent pain know what it’s like to finally be heard. Will you care enough to listen when someone shares their story?


Money Tips for a Successful Marriage - From a Successful Marriage (Cali Pitchel, withjoy.com)

Finances can be a tricky subject in marriage. Here's a list of wise financial ideas from a long-married couple.