caleb kim


Meet Caleb:

  • Birth: June 9th, 1991
  • Marriage and Family:  I am married to Molly who is the most beautiful woman of God I know. We have been married since June 2014, and she is an ICU nurse at Tacoma General Hospital. My family is heavily involved in the Church and I love them all dearly! I have two younger brothers (Colin and Corey) and an older Sister (Jessica). 
  • Education:  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Central Washington University, and I am currently working on my Master’s degree in Spiritual Formation through Corban Universities’ School of Ministry.

Testimony and Church Life: I grew up as a sinner, desperately in need of a savior, while attending Christ’s Church. I have been going to this Church my entire life, and it has been an incredible community that God has blessed me and my family with. God revealed Himself to me and saved me at the young age of 5, but I did not understand the full Gospel, and what Christ really did on the cross, until I was in Middle School. After that I have been growing in my relationship with the Lord and have dedicated myself to serving God in whatever capacity. There have been ups and downs throughout that journey, but God has steered me toward a life of service in the ministry, and I can only wait and see what God has planned for me in the future! 

Interests: I love to learn and study, and will probably be in school for the rest of my life. I also love sports (literally all sports!), and have a deep affinity for music! I play several instruments and love every genre of music (besides country!) I love art, science, history, philosophy, and really anything that I can learn from or that is competitive!

Ministry Passions: I would serve God in whatever capacity that He would see fit, but currently, I am passionate about student ministries, Biblical counseling, Apologetics, and Worship.

Pet Peeve: Bad drivers, people who don’t listen, people who chew with their mouth open, and whining.

Some Favorites:

  • Book(s): Anything by C.S. Lewis; Reasonable Faith; A Praying Life
  • Book of the Bible: Romans      
  • Sports Team(s): Sounders, Seahawks, 
  • Food(s):  All food
  • Northwest Get-away: The Coast…or Eastern Washington
  • Music: Gungor, Switchfoot, Needtobreathe, Citizens, King’s Kaleidoscope
  • Local Restaurant: Mika Japanese Buffet, Black Bear, Chipotle, Burger Express