Sacajawea Middle School  |  B.A.G. PROGRAM (BRIDGING A GAP) - School is kicking off and so will be some opportunities to serve Sacajawea students. This year we will be participating in the B.A.G. program (Bridging A Gap) and ensuring students have food over the weekend/holidays. 

Do you have a heart for the B.A.G. program at Sacajawea? There is an ongoing donation basket located by the Info Center with a sign sharing our latest needs. Thank you for all of the donations that have come in already!

We also are starting an after school enrichment program one day a week where students can come hang out in a positive environment and participate in fun activities.  Supplies and time are needed for these ministries.

VETERANS HOUSING OUTREACH  |  As a connection is developed, we are looking forward to reaching out to the local Veteran’s Housing right up the street from us. Opportunities abound and we hope to bless the residents.