Life Groups are the way we make a big church feel small. Groups meet in homes across the area and simply do life together; laughing and growing in all seasons of life. The Christian life is best lived with others. Therefore, we value and participate in Life Groups as a central function of our church. We’re not a church with small groups, but a church made up of small groups. Life Groups meet in homes throughout our community. It’s never too late to join a Life Group; in fact, we have saved you a seat. So join in, meet friends, discuss God’s truth and discover ways to serve our community with others.

Pursuing Jesus Christ in Community

We exist to bring glory to God by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, gospel-centered community, gospel-centered service and gospel-centered multiplication. This is our mission and process for discipleship. Out of this, gospel-centered community is the context for discipleship, the people you experience Christ with. One of the ways we live out this discipleship trait is through Life Groups.

Romans: the acquitted

In Romans, Paul explains how God offers the gift of His righteousness to everyone who comes to Christ by faith. We will study the significance of Christ's death, burial and resurrection in our lives. Paul traces the story of God's grace from condemnation, to justification, to sanctification, to glorification, in order to show us what being right with God truly means.

We will learn what human beings are really like and what we all need most. This letter explains what God has done to provide for us a way of escape from our sinfulness and what a lifestyle that grows out of a Christian worldview looks like. 

In order to get the most out of this exciting series, join a Life Group. There you will be able to talk through practical, personal applications related to each message, gain accountability, and live life with others.

Team Leader Training 9.10.18 Pastor Lee Lewis

Small Group Essentials for Discipleship and Care
Best Practices and Tools for Discipleship and Care

life groups resume the week of september 16



Connect to a Life Group

Identify the group in your area or on the night you are available. Contact the leader of the group. There's a place for you. 

Life Group Weekly Lessons

September 16-22nd | Romans 9:1-5: PDF | WORD

September 23-29 | Romans 9:6-13: PDF | WORD

September 30-October 6 | Romans 9:14-24: PDF | WORD

October 7-13 | Romans 9:24-29: PDF | WORD